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Tongue twisters for diction

Even if you have never had problems with the pronunciation of certain sounds, these Tongue Twisters Can be very useful. Diction is a necessary skill for anyone who wants to speak beautifully, as a true master of eloquence. It is a pleasure to learn these tongue twisters with children, they will be completely ecstatic! Do not waste time and start to say these intricate proposals. Perfection has no limit, this applies even to what you say!

Training diction

Sound processing: b, n, c, f, g, k, d, t, x

  1. Extracted beans.
  2. The vacuum of a woman was shod, and even the vacuum of a woman was shod.
  3. From the tramping of hoofs, dust flew across the field.
  4. Bull blunthead, stubby goby, bull's lip was dull.
  5. Cap on the cap, under the cap cap.
  6. Vizil vavila cheerfully turned the pitchfork.
  7. Near the bell bell, near the collar gate.
  8. The jackal trotted, the jackal galloped.
  9. Buy a pile of peaks, buy a peak. Buy a pile of fluff, buy a pile of fluff.
  10. Cook, cook, cook. Petr sailed, the pavel swam.
  11. Weaves weaver cloth on shawls tane.
  12. The water carrier carried water from under the water supply.
  13. Our head is head-on head, overdid.
  14. Your sexton of our sacristan not to re-invent, not to re-evoke; Our sexton your sexton will re-interpret, re-raise.
  15. In one, a climate, a wedge of pounding.
  16. There is a shock with podprikopenochkom.
  17. In the field flying frosya millet, weeds render frosya.
  18. Crab crab made rake. Filed a rake crab crab: hay rake, crab, robbery!
  19. Have a Christmas tree pins.
  20. Cuckoo Cuckoo bought a hood. Put on a cuckoo hood. As in a hood he is ridiculous!
  21. All the beavers are good for their beavers. Beavers take beans for beans. Beavers, it happens, excite beaver, giving them beans.
  22. Forgot the pankrate of the Kondratov jack, and the pankrat without a jack can not pick up a tractor on the tract. And the jack on the tract tractor is waiting.
  23. On a honey mead, and I do not have a copper.
  24. Came prokop, boiled the dill, went prokop, seething dill; As with dipping, the fennel was boiling, and the dill was boiling without digging.
  25. Three popes, three procopias-pops, three procopies were walking, talking about the priest, about the procopia-pop, about the prokopyevich.
  26. Once a jackdaw popping frightening, in the bushes saw a parrot, and that parrot says: you scare the jackdaws, pop, frighten, but jackdaws, pop, in the bushes frightening, scaring you do not dare you parrot.
  27. The sorcerer went into the stable with the magi.
  28. Bombardier bonbonniere bombarded young ladies.
  29. From the pheophanes of the Mitrofanych three sons of pheophanych.
  30. Our guest took a cane.
  31. Pharaohs favorite on sapphire was replaced by jade.
  32. Rhododendrons from the arboretum are given by parents.
  33. To the Habsburgs from Strasbourg.
  34. Sat a black grouse on a tree, and a tetter with a black grouse on a branch.
  35. Brit brother climber, brat hleb brother, brother ignat of the bearded.
  36. I praise halva.
  37. The crested laughter laughed roar with laughter.

Sound processing: r, l, m, n

  1. All the tongue twisters do not pereskogoryvorye, not perevyskogoroegorysh.
  2. At us on a court yard-farmstead the weather has been mulled.
  3. Two woodcutters, two woodcutters, two woodcutters talked about the stall, about the vetch, about the marina of his wife.
  4. Clara-stealing crept toward the chest.
  5. Said the commander about the colonel and about the colonel,About the lieutenant-colonel and about the lieutenant-colonel, about the lieutenant and about the lieutenant, about the lieutenant and about the lieutenant, about the ensign and about the ensign, about the sub-lieutenant, but about the sub-lieutenant.
  6. On the yard grass, on the grass firewood - once the firewood, two firewood, three firewood. Do not cut firewood on the grass of the yard.
  7. In the yard there are firewood, wood for the yard, wood in the width of the courtyard, there is no yard for firewood, it is necessary to turn out the firewood on the wood yard.
  8. In the courtyard of the barbarian widow, two thieves steal firewood, the widow was angry, she took the firewood out of the shed.
  9. The elector compromised the Landsknecht.
  10. Reported and did not doraportoval, doraportovyval and zaportovalsya.
  11. The snout of the pig belory, tupory; Half the yard dug, dug, dug.
  12. Ate well done thirty-three pies with a pie, but all with cottage cheese.>
  13. Thirty-three ships maneuvered, maneuvered and did not get out.
  14. On the rocks, we lazily burbot caught. On the rocks, we lazily caught the line. About love, did you pray me mercifully, and beckoned me into the fogs of the estuary?
  15. Carl from the clara stole corals, and clara from the carla stole the clarinet.
  16. The queen of the clara strictly punished her for stealing the coral.
  17. Carl laid his bow on the casket. Clara stole the bow from the chest.
  18. Shot in quails and on black grouses.
  19. Mila romashi gave the whey from under the yogurt.
  20. Tell us about the purchases. About what about the purchase? About purchases, about purchases, about their own purchases.
  21. Sewn cap, but not Kolpakov; The bell rang out, but not in the manner of Kolokolov. You need to cap the bell, prepack the package, you need to re-bell the bell, re-stop.
  22. Protocol protocol protocol was recorded.
  23. She had a frol, she scoffed at the laurel. I'll go to the laurel, on the far left of the laurel.
  24. King-eagle.
  25. Courier courier ahead of the quarry.
  26. Malanya-chattering milk chatted, blurted out, but did not blurt out.
  27. The regulator-Ligurian regulated in Liguria.
  28. Have you poured a lily? Have you seen the Lydia? They poured a lily and saw a lydia.
  29. The messenger with the galleys was burnt.
  30. Thaler plate is cost.
  31. Go to the army, so take the berdish.
  32. Interviewer interviewed.
  33. Libretto "rigoletto".
  34. Our polkan of Baikal lacquer. The lacquer was licked, but the baikal did not melt.
  35. We ate, ate the ruffs at the fir-tree, they ate them barely at the fir-tree.
  36. Did not regret mama soap. Mom to mile soap with soap. She did not like soap, she dropped the soap nicely.
  37. In the darkness, crayfish makes a noise in a fight.
  38. On the road in the morning they are treading a tractor.
  39. Eat in the rye, but do not rye in the rye.
  40. An eagle on a mountain, a feather on an eagle, a mountain under an eagle, an eagle under a feather.
  41. City of a nerle on a nerve-river.
  42. On the mountain of ararat the barbarian grapes tore.
  43. From under the kostroma, from under the fire were four men. They talked about bidding and shopping, about groats and about the under-brushes.
  44. Sergeant with a sergeant-major, captain with a captain.
  45. The Turk smokes a pipe, the trigger bites the grit. Do not smoke, Turk, pipe, do not peck, hammer, grits.
  46. But I'm not in a nuisance.

Working out of sounds: h, c, f, w, h, h, h

  1. At the canopy and sleigh in networks of catfish with a mustache.
  2. The wasps do not have a mustache, not strong, but tendrils.
  3. Lucky senka sanka with Sonya on sleds. Sledge skok, senku from the feet, sank in the side, Sonyka in the forehead, all in a snowdrift.
  4. The hoarse hoarse, and the archipelin of the hoarse.
  5. Does not want to oblique oblique oblique, says the braid spit.
  6. The net was hooked on the branch.
  7. Seven in the sled settled themselves.
  8. From the body into the body was an overload of watermelons. In a thunderstorm in the mud from the load of watermelons the body collapsed.
  9. The waxwingist whistles with a pipe.
  10. Two rivers: a vazuza with a jig, a vase with a jig.
  11. The nervous constitutionalist was found assimilated in Constantinople.
  12. Sasha walked along the highway and sucked drying.
  13. The heron dried, the heron dried, the heron died.
  14. Walked forty mice, found forty pennies, two mice were found two pennies.
  15. Sixteen walked the mice and six found a penny, and the mice that are fuller, noisily fumbling pennies.
  16. Scales in the pike, bristles in the pig.
  17. Quarter of four peas without a wormhole.
  18. Incident with the quartermaster.
  19. Precedent with the applicant.
  20. Constantin ascertained.
  21. The hedgehog has a hedgehog, and the horror is terrifying.
  22. It's terrible for a bug to live on a bitch.
  23. Two puppy cheeks to cheek pinch the brush in the corner.
  24. The pike is trying in vain to pinch the bream.
  25. The ground beetle buzzes, it hums, but does not spin.
  26. Jasper in suede sued.
  27. In the cheat, the chit is flowing.

Keep these incredibly useful and funny tongue twisters. With their help you not only become better and more precise, they also develop memory well.

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