/ Beauty Tips for Girls

Beauty tips for girls

What a woman does not want to look stunning every day! Do you think that this requires fabulous money and an incredible amount of free time? You are mistaken. Behold little tricks, Which with minimal time and money will help you look like after visiting the beauty salon!

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Tricks for beauty

  1. Coffee grounds and soda
    Unwanted hair causes a lot of inconvenience. Get rid of them will help coffee grounds and soda. Within 1 week, use 2 tablespoons. Spoons of coffee grounds, mixed with 1 tsp. Soda, which enhances the properties of coffee in the destruction of hair follicles! Works amazing!
  2. Soda and shampoo
    Another unusual use of soda inCosmetic purposes will allow your hair to look simply amazing. Mix a little soda with a normal shampoo and, as usual, wash your head. Hair will get lightness and crazy volume!
  3. Baby soap
    Run into the bathroom, throw out your cream for shaving andGet out a baby soap! Yes, yes, it is baby soap that gives a cleaner shave of the legs and the procedure is softer. And also the blade itself retains its cutting properties longer.
  4. Vitamin e
    Clean pores and get rid of acne with easeWill help capsules with an oil solution of vitamin E. Simply squeeze an arbitrary amount of oil on your hand and gently massage your face. After 30 minutes, apply egg white on the skin and allow it to soak for 30 minutes, then wash with cold water. With regular application, the skin will become radiant and smooth.
  5. Soda and hydrogen peroxide
    An excellent way to exfoliate and effectively cleanse the face is a mixture of soda with a couple drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide, which must be massaged in a circular motion of the face.
  6. Olive oil with honey and sugar
    Late autumn is not a reason not to take care of the legs. The best homemade leg scrub is a mixture of olive oil, honey and sugar in a 1: 1 ratio. Legs acquire softness and an excellent healthy appearance.
  7. glue
    For the cleaning of nails, glue Elmer (you can clerical pva) is perfect. Apply to the skin and nail area, allow to dry, and then simply remove the adhesive, like an adhesive tape.

Sometimes it's so important to take time for yourself,Take a bathroom, put a mask on all possible parts of the body and just relax from the bustle. Pamper yourself this evening and tomorrow, the reflection in the mirror will thank you!

And while getting water in the bathroom, share these tricks for beauty with friends.