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Modern rules of etiquette

What does it mean to follow etiquette? This is not a question that everyone can decide for himself. etiquette Has always been and remains a clear set of rules,Which must be performed. Another thing, some individuals of our society refuse to accept this. But it's good that most people understand - etiquette is necessary for order, it was invented to make people comfortable together, so that no one interfered with anyone, but, on the contrary, only helped in different situations.

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Education plays a big role in making a person realize that one must adhere to etiquette, even when you do not like it very much. Be able to control their emotions and Behave decently - signs of a strong personality. All successful people know the etiquette and follow its canons, so read these useful rules adapted to our modern life. It will help you feel confident, following etiquette, you will always make a good impression.

Modern rules of etiquette

  1. If you invite a person to a restaurant, you pay for it. To divide the sum in half, you need to discuss this beforehand. / Li>
  2. Do not come to visit without a call. Always warn about your arrival. If you are declared without notice, you have every right to refuse guests.
  3. Do not use the smartphone during a meeting, gatherings in a cafe. This is a sign of disrespect to their interlocutors.
  4. When your companion greets a stranger, also say hello.
  5. As it turns out, there are saving slits in the etiquette for those who do not know how to eat with chopsticks! Men are allowed to eat sushi with their hands.
  6. Follow the cleanliness of the shoes - always carry a brush and napkins to clean it in time.
  7. Never conduct long conversations on the phone in public places.
  8. Do not respond to insults with rudeness. Just detach yourself from the unpleasant person, do not inflate the conflict.
  9. The driver must understand that he can accidentally splash dirt at passers-by. Watch how and where you're going.
  10. A woman is allowed not to remove a hat and gloves in the room. But the hat and mittens should be removed.
  11. Nine things should be kept secret: age, wealth, crevices in the house, prayer, the composition of the medicine, love affair, gift, honor and dishonor.
  12. At a concert, in a theater, in a movie, go to your seats only by facing the seated. The first is always a man.
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  13. The restaurant always includes the first man.
  14. You should not touch your interlocutor during a conversation, do not violate the personal space of people without their apparent consent.
  15. Do not answer, if someone calls you rudely.
  16. Using perfume, keep moderation.
  17. In the presence of a woman, men can only smoke after having obtained her consent.
  18. Always greet first when entering the room.
  19. Do not read other people's correspondence - this is how very limited, impolite people act.
  20. Fashion - it's great, but everything should be approached reasonably. Not all to face what is now fashionable, remember this.
  21. Never ask for forgiveness again, if you are forgiven, do not remind about the annoying things the interlocutor.
  22. Do not talk too loudly, do not laugh in public.
  23. Thank for all the good, forget the bad.

rules of etiquette

And finally - the wonderful words of the legendary American actor Jack nicholson:

«I really care about the rules of goodTone. How to transfer the plate. Do not scream from one room to another. Do not open the closed door without knocking. To let forward the lady. The goal of all these innumerable simple rules is to make life better. We can not live in a state of chronic war with parents - it's stupid. I carefully monitor my manners. This is not an abstraction. It is an understandable language for mutual respect".

True ladies and gentlemen Try to always behave with dignity,According to circumstances. Remember that one of the main features of a well-bred person is not to notice other people's flaws. If an embarrassing situation happened to someone - pretend that you did not notice it, if you offer help inappropriately. Never point others at their mistakes, watch yourself.

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