/ What awaits fathers after the birth of a child

What awaits the fathers after the birth of the child

Being a father is not only a great responsibility, but also a very fun activity. Of course, you will get very tired, child Will take you a lot of time, but the feeling of happiness will not leave you.

"so simple!" Prepared for you 12 discoveries that await you after the birth of a child.

father and son

  1. The apartment is deadly dangerous.
    Either half of the things in your apartment will be destroyed, or your child will use them to harm themselves. About 90% of the upbringing of your child will be to save him from injuries.
  2. Sleep is the limit of all dreams.
    Eight hours without a break - this is better than a bath with a creed faith. At least, you still have strength to sleep.
  3. You have a terrible character.
    This is your little copy. He will be whimsical, harmful and stubborn. just like you. It looks like a small crooked mirror. Finally you will see how many inconveniences it was giving to your parents.
  4. If you have a daughter, you will become her ideal.
    She will look for a guy who looks like you. So try to be a good father so that you have an excellent son-in-law.
  5. Not everything depends on you.
    When you drop your child for the first time on the floor (not "if", namely "when"), you will pray that everything ends well. Even if you do not know a single prayer and have never believed in anyone.
  6. 6. you are a "bad" policeman.
    Most likely, your child will learn to manipulate your wife for another two years. You will have to take on the role of a "bad" policeman, so as not to live with a small dictator.
  7. Free time - when he is sleeping.
    You have the most difficult work in the world. Your child is a demanding employer and he will not give you days off, holidays, or sick leave.
  8. Small - does not mean quiet.
    Even if he weighs six kilograms, he can wake the whole nine-storey house with his cry. And some children snore in their sleep.
  9. Good cartoon can be viewed 50 times
    But very good - every day.
  10. After it even terrorists are not afraid of you.
    If you can convince your child, even negotiations with the most terrible terrorists in the world will seem like a trifle to you.
  11. happinnes exists.
    And this is your child. He will make you experience everything: joy, tenderness, tenderness. Even the most cynical father is difficult not to shed tears of happiness, looking at his child.
  12. And yet you are a horse, and-th-th.
    If you ever show this game to your child, you will forever remain a steed for him. He does not get off your neck.

Children are a great happiness. They will give you a lot of different emotions. Every day you will not be like the previous one. They will make sense in your life!

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