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What is harmful to the skin

Cosmetologist nigba Talib is convinced: Skin condition A person indicates what he eats. Any food consumed by us is reflected in our appearance. There are 4 dangerous products, from which it is worth staying away. A skin care specialist at her age of 43 looks stunning - she knows what she's talking about.

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We get used day by day to have the sameFood, without thinking that it may not fit our body. Because everything is so individual! You have a chance to recognize the symptoms of poisoning with popular foods. Consider yourself in the mirror ...

The most harmful products for the skin

  1. Wine and any other alcohol
    Skin condition: Reddening between the eyebrows, noticeable skin folds, visible deep wrinkles, red cheeks, wide pores, dehydrated skin, unhealthy complexion.

    One glass of wine per day is able to bring the skin up toSuch a lamentable state! If after drinking alcohol you have a worsening of the skin, most likely, the liver is in a zone of increased stress. Limit any alcoholic beverages, take as a rule to drink more water. After 3 weeks of giving up alcohol, the balance in the intestines will recover, and the skin will look much better.

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  2. sugar
    Skin condition: Forehead with acne and wrinkles, sagging skin underEyes, rashes on the face, shoulders and chest, dull complexion, loss of eyebrows due to jumps of insulin, permanent exhausted state of the whole organism.

    Baking, rice, cakes, fruit juices, chocolate,A variety of sweets and sweets - the worst enemies of the ideal skin. Replace harmful sweets with useful ones: honey, dried fruit, fresh fruit. Drink drinks with chicory - this plant lowers blood sugar and eliminates harmful addiction.

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  3. milk
    Skin condition: Dark circles and bags under the eyes, whiteheads, rashes in the chin zone, swollen eyelids, sagging cheeks.

    Dairy products from the store causeHormonal imbalance, in some people this manifests itself more vividly. Milk, cheese, sour cream, yogurt and skimmed yogurt can not bring your body any good and even harm.

    Conduct an experiment: Give up jelly completely for 3 weeks and see how the skin reacts to it. If the face is cleansed and refreshed - your body is strictly contraindicated in dairy products, stuffed with different chemistries.

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  4. gluten
    Skin condition: Swollen cheeks, reddened face, rashes in the chin, pink acne.

    Replace all Products with gluten To gluten-free. This means that the wheat flour needs to be replaced with rice or buckwheat, and any semi-finished products must be excluded from the diet. Vegetables, fruits, eggs, fresh fish and meat, buckwheat and corn porridge - a gluten-free diet to which one should strive.

    If you eat so, the skin will thank you clean and healthy. For the sake of a radiant look, you should try it in a new way - it is possible that you will like it!

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It's wonderful that our health and beauty depend on ourselves! Instead of going on about their biases, try to give up Harmful to skin products: Alcohol, sweet and flour. Momentary pleasure will be replaced by a long-term sense of its own irresistibility and an excellent state of health!

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