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Rules of serving dishes

Any woman sooner or later have toTo arrange a holiday as a real hostess - to be responsible for everything, to cook, to watch how the feast passes ... it is not an easy job, because you need not only to set the table beautifully, cook all the dishes, but also skillfully, In time to submit them!!

If any component is not met, the holiday may not produce the proper impression on the guests. Knowing Rules for serving food and drinks, You will not hit the dirt in front of long-awaited guests. The success of the event is guaranteed!

Rules for serving meals

  1. Cold snacks
    To the arrival of guests on the table should already stand Cold snacks, Which is desirable to decorate nicely. If any dish does not have enough space on the table, you do not need to break the serving and crowd the rest of the dishes, and also remove the vase of flowers. Just serve these meals later.

    If the guests are few, you can put a numberA small additional table, from which it is convenient to serve dishes on the table. In some cases, guests themselves can serve each other (but only if they are really a little - no more than six people). If a lot of people have come, then the hostess needs to come up with a dish on the left side to each guest, so that he puts a portion of food in his plate.

    First serve fish snacks, sandwiches andSalads. Salads must be served in this order: first of all fish, then meat and only after them - vegetable. After salads there will be a queue of meat snacks: sausage, ham, pâté, cold and cold poultry.

  2. first course
    After snacks comes the turn of the first dish. If there are not enough people at the table, the landlady should put a soup tureen next to her and pour soup to each guest. With a large number of people, the hostess brings a soup bowl to each guest on the left, and he pours himself the right amount.

    Besides this, soups and broths are still in the kitchenPour into warmed cups, put them on plates, on which put the spoons with handles on the right and already so serve to the table. If the first dish relies on croutons or patties, then they are served on a dish, woven with a paper napkin.
    Instead of soup, you can offer guests a cooked fish with garnish.

  3. second course
    After the guests eat the first dish, you needRemove dishes and serve a second, usually meat dish. It is put on a table in oval or round plates and put a fork or spoon on each. If you have prepared several meat dishes, then first you need to serve food from fried or baked meat: pork, beef, game, etc. and only then you can put on the table dishes from poultry, cabbage rolls, etc.
  4. beverages
    Black coffee is served in small plates on plates. On each plate put a small coffee spoon.

    For tea the mistress puts beside herself a brewingA kettle, as well as a samovar or kettle with boiling water. Then she pours tea into tea cups or thin glasses. If the jam is served to the tea, then the hostess needs to put it herself in the socket every guest.

  5. dessert
    Together with tea or coffee guests treat guests with cakes, sweets or a cake. To the cake it is necessary to put a special spatula, cakes with sweets - to spread out into vases. Candy in boxes in them and serve.

Table setting


together with Cold sharp snacks Use Madera, port, and also vodka. Dry white wine is served to salads and fish.

Hot food Of dark meat (game, pork, beef, geese, ducks) washed down with red wine, and turkey and chicken - white wine. Wine is not served with soup.

When it's time to drink coffee, you can liqueur or cognac. to Sweet dishes You can offer Tokay, Muscat or sweet (semisweet) champagne, but it is not necessary. In addition, dry or semi-dry champagne is also consumed with meat or snacks.

To be able to enjoy the wines in full, they are best served Cooled to a certain temperature.

Beverage temperature

  1. White dry wine and vodka is cooled to a temperature of 8-10 degrees.
  2. But the red table wine, on the contrary, is served up to 20 degrees.
  3. Room temperature (16-18 degrees) is well suited for the use of cognac, liquor, fortified wine.
  4. Champagne (like other sparkling wines) should have a temperature of 6-7 degrees, so it should be cooled in a special pail with ice, and not in the refrigerator.
  5. Fruit juices, carbonated, mineral water, as well as cocktails are drunk with ice. Pieces of ice can be brought in a special bucket, and you can immediately put in glasses with drinks.

Wine and glasses

Open the bottles at the table carefully,Trying not to pour guests, holding the neck in the direction of the table. First, a few drops of wine the master pours into his glass, and then to all the other guests, starting with the women. To pour it is necessary in the glasses standing to the right of the visitor and to fill them on 2/3 volumes.

Red wine It is necessary to pour into transparent containers, in no wayCase not in colored glasses or glasses. Champagne is poured slowly and carefully so that it does not overflow. First they fill the champagne with half a glass, then top up to 3/4.

If available An open bottle of vodka, Liqueur or cognac, you need to pour the drink into a decanter, then serve it.

Beer in bottles Also open at the table and pour into cleanDry glasses on the right side. The bottle needs to be raised slightly over the glass to form a foam. If there is at least a little fat on the beer dishes, the foam will settle faster. Therefore glasses or glasses should be washed well and dried dry.

When you pour drinks, keep a bottle in your right hand, and a paper napkin in the left hand to wipe the neck of the bottle as necessary.

Remember these simple recommendations, and your feast will always go smoothly! If these tips seem useful to you, recommend them to your friends.