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How to use Coca Cola

What's in itself "Coca Cola"? This popular drink is still that thing. Much has been said about the dangers of cola, about the fact that drinking it is not worth it, especially given to children. And if you do not drink - well, you can find many ways Non-standard application This drink. Honor and wonder how useful "Coca-Cola" in everyday life. These tips can help you out in many situations!

Options for using "Coca-Cola"

  1. if you are Burned the pan, Pour cola into it and bring it to a boil. The pan will refresh itself!
  2. It is very easy to Make any photo of an aged. For this, you just need to lightly wet the photo with "Coca-Cola" and quickly wipe it off. Just do not make the picture too wet, otherwise it will spoil everything.
  3. Unsuccessfully colored hair can be improved with the help of cola. she is Washes away the paint With hair, though not completely, but the color will become less saturated.
  4. if Old coins Soak in the wheels, it will make them more shiny.
  5. Pour "Coca-Cola" into the kettle and leave it there for the whole day. she is Remove all scum Without a trace!
  6. toilet Also it is well cleared with the help of cola, it eats away the stale dirt.
  7. Try to do Excellent sauce, Mixing the cola and the sauce in a ratio of 1: 1. Smear this chicken, meat, etc. before cooking. It turns out very tasty!
  8. "Coca-Cola" - good hair conditioner. Pour it on your hair, rinse it and dry it.
  9. Pour cola into flat, wide dishes and place them in your garden, or in the cellar. This will help Get rid of ... slugs!! They are attracted by the sweet smell of this drink, and if they get into this vessel, they will not be able to get out any more.
  10. If you can not unscrew the bolt due to the fact that it Rusty, Then try to do so: Take a rag, put it in "Coca-Cola," soak it in this wonderful liquid and wrap it around the bolt. Leave it all for a few hours. The bolt will become malleable, because "Coca-Cola" will work like a solvent.
  11. Clean your jewelry. Just put them in a glass of cola, and then gently walk on them with a brush. Do not do this if there are any stones on the jewelry. For them it is very harmful!
  12. Strangely enough, but Cola helps with Disorders of the stomach. But for these purposes one should not take just thatOpen the bottle, because gases can only exacerbate the condition. Release bubbles, and then take "Coca-Cola" as a medicine. If you're crawling in traffic - Cola will also help. Try to take a small sip from time to time, and you will see how the condition immediately improves!

Coca Cola

It is impossible to resist not to share these findings with your friends. Let about Mysterious properties "Coca-Cola" will find out everything!