/ How to bake pancakes

How to bake pancakes

Who does not like to eat Delicious pancakes? Oh, few such people! With a variety of fillings, in different variations, pancakes like everything. This is a traditional element of Russian cuisine, which is only a carnival - a holiday that can not be imagined without pancakes.

But they do not like cooking. Of course, this is due to the fact that housewives, especially beginners, may have Difficulties with baking pancakes. Here you need practice, and you need to know the tricks that will help make pancakes branded. Read and remember!

Tricks for making delicious pancakes


  1. Liquid in the dough for pancakes should be added hot to increase the stickiness of the flour.
  2. That the pancakes turned out delicious and beautiful, give sifted flour a little to stand, do not use it immediately.
  3. Salt and sugar should be put exactly according to the prescription. The salted dough badly wanders and the pancake turns out pale. From excess sugar, the dough becomes hard.
  4. If flour for pancakes to dissolve in salt water, in the test there will be no lumps.
  5. Frying pan for frying pancakes should first sprinkle with salt, then wipe with a napkin and only after that - pour the butter and dough.
  6. conveniently Fry pancakes On two pans, and still have a third, whichShould be put on the smallest fire. In it it is necessary to add pancakes and to grease with a warmed butter. It is desirable to turn the pile from time to time, then by the time the last pancake is ready, the first one will not have time to cool down! Brilliant solution.
  7. If you turn the pancake breaks, you need to add flour and egg to the dough.
  8. So that Warm up pancakes, The stack should be covered with foil and put into the oven heated to 140 degrees to the upper level, for 10-15 minutes, the pancakes will warm up.
  9. Very often it does not work at once to eat all the baked pancakes. And the next day they are not so tasty and fresh ...

    In order to give freshness to yesterday'sPancakes, you need every pancake on one side (inside) to sprinkle a little sugar, fold four times, lay on a lightly oiled or covered with baking paper and put it in the oven for 4-5 minutes, preheated to the maximum. Watch that the pancakes are not burnt. In the end - crispy, caramel pancakes on your table! Certainly try.

These tips will help you in a difficult business Cooking pancakes. Let you all get excellent! If you find these tips useful, tell them about them to people close to you.