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How to make nails

Not all girls and women know, How to properly make up your nails. But, in fact, it's not as difficult asIt seems. If you know how to apply the lacquer correctly, you can forget about the trips to the manicure salons. Below is a step-by-step instruction, as quickly and easily as possible, and most importantly - correctly make up your nails!

How to carefully nail your nails

  1. First of all you need to degrease your nails.
  2. Apply a base on the nails to avoid detachment of the varnish and yellowness of the nails.
  3. Put a drop of varnish on the central part of the nail, near the cuticle.
  4. Gently stretch this drop with a brush in the direction of the cuticle, leaving a very small space near it.
  5. Hold the brush down to make a straight line.
  6. How to make up nails

  7. Then cut the side part of the nail with a tassel, leading it from the cuticle.
  8. Try to apply the lacquer as close as possible to the edge of the nail.
  9. Repeat 6 and 7 steps on the other side of the nail.
  10. How to make up nails

  11. After the varnish has dried, it can be covered with one or two layers. Fix it with a transparent coating.

Also you need to remember that it's better not to paint your nails at night, because you can spoil their glossy shine during sleep with a cloth of bed linen. It is still not necessary to shake and heat Lacquers, Because you can damage them.

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