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How to braid a braid

A variety of braids will always be fashionable - it's a fact. There is nothing more convenient than this hairstyle, Because it is very comfortable to wear, it looks great, and yet - you can make such beauty yourself.

Armed with patience, ingenuity and materials that will be needed during the weaving. These options Hair styling They look so effective that I want to get down to business right away! Look only, what beauty:

The original pigtail with ribbon will immediately make your image festive.


A simple braid made from a long tail is an excellent solution for everyday styling.


Option for real princesses or hippy style lovers - a pigtail that collects hair, but at the same time they remain untied. Looks very romantic!


Make such an expressive hairstyle is not difficult, but looks very exquisite.


You have something to do ...


Oh, it's a pity that these hairstyles can only be made with long hair ... I would also like such a charm! If you Chic locks, Do not be lazy to style them well. Spit fit almost any outfit.

Tell your long-haired girlfriends about these wonderful braid patterns. Let them please you with their original appearance.