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Natural products for home

Most of the household chemicals that are offered to us today by manufacturers, are very harmful to human health. Of course, they are beautiful Clean the room, But every housewife would like to have in the means to care for the house was less harmful substances. Especially if there is a small child in the house who often likes to taste everything.

Below are 10 tools that can replace expensive household chemicals.

Natural remedies for cleaning the house

  1. vinegar
    It can be used to remove lime from any surface. Also vinegar can be added to the water when rinsing things, washing windows and so on.
  2. vinegar

  3. baking soda
    It is considered a soft abrasive (a substance with a high hardness, which can be used for grinding, polishing). It can clean almost any surface.
  4. baking soda

  5. Citrus peel (lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit)
    With their help you can easily bleach and remove unpleasant smells from cutting boards, kitchen utensils, sinks. Also the citrus peel can be used instead of air freshener.
  6. Citrus fruits

  7. beeswax
    This is the ideal tool for polishing furniture and rubbing floors.
  8. beeswax

  9. hydrogen peroxide
    Use to disinfect, remove mold and stains from clothing.
  10. peroxide

  11. laundry soap
    It has long been known as a good tool for removing stains and washing heavily soiled clothes.
  12. laundry soap

  13. Borax
    This substance is a part of many detergentsMeans. The drill bit is suitable for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces and premises. But it has a significant disadvantage - people with sensitive skin are advised to avoid direct contact with the borax and work in rubber gloves.
  14. Borax

  15. pumice
    It will easily remove the old calcareous coating. It can be grated and used as a scrub. Also the crushed pumice can be added to homemade soap.
  16. pumice

  17. essential oils
    Eucalyptus, lavender oil, pine, tea tree oil are ideal for getting rid of unpleasant odors and even disinfection of premises.
  18. essential oils

  19. salt
    This substance has antibacterial properties and also, like soda, is an abrasive. Can be used for disinfection and cleaning surfaces.

If you have a small child at home, you simply have to replace at least part of your Household chemical goods These means. Think about the health of your baby. And do not forget about yours!

Be sure to tell about these tools for cleaning your friends!