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Meat causes cancer

This news shocked many - the WHO (World Health Organization) announced that red Meat causes cancer. What now? How to live on without your favorite sausage, smoked products, hot dogs and other goodies?

We are convinced that everything is not so scary: Completely restrict themselves in meat products is unlikely to dare. However, to take into account the scrupulous research of scientists is necessary. Of course, if you take care of your health carefully and responsibly ...

Grilled sausages

How much meat you can eat per day

The most dangerous meat products - Processed. They contain the highest amount of carcinogens. Bacon, ham, sausages and sausages are something you can not do without, and you can reduce the number of these delicacies on your table.

Carcinogenicity of sausage products explainjust. Chemical substances for enhancing taste in its composition enter into complex reactions among themselves, with heating and long storage, releasing dangerous carcinogens. The same applies to ordinary Red meat - beef, pork, lamb, which is often additionally processed.

Only 50 grams of red meat a day increases the risk of getting sick Bowel cancer By as much as 18%, the company said.

Meat causes cancer

The enemy of our health is too much. If you eat too much processed meat products, the body can not cope with the load. Hence the various diseases of the liver, pancreas, stomach and intestines that can provoke cancer.

Accumulated Carcinogens Are difficult to remove, undermining our immunity and turning into a breeding ground for the development of cancer cells.

If you cut twice the consumption of meat, your health will only benefit! It is better to protect yourself and not to check by your own experience how right the scientists were.

The rate of consumption of red meat per day is 70 g. This figure is optimal: you will not feel hunger, you will get the right amount of proteins and will not put the body in danger.

Meat causes cancer

Enough to eat one sausage for breakfast instead of two, and bacon Sometimes replaced with chicken. It can save you from cancer. Beans and nuts - full-fledged sources of protein, which can replace an additional piece of meat.

Of course, compared with cigarettes, the meat rests. More than a million deaths per year occur due to smoking. 50 000 deaths are associated with excessive eating with carcinogens.

Tell your relatives this important news! Our health is not at all something to risk.