/ How to deceive your body

How to deceive your body

Very often with us there are troubles with which we can not cope. For example, the nose is bleeding or you burned your finger ... things from the inconsistent!

Redaction "so simple!" Gathered for you 16 indispensable tips that will help you Cope with discomfort And deceive your body.


  1. If pershit throat
    Massage your earlobe. This action activates the ear receptors and causes a spasm in the throat, which will facilitate the perspiration.
  2. If it is difficult to hear the mutter of the interlocutor
    Turn your right ear to the interlocutor. It is able to better catch a quick and indistinct speech. The left ear is better able to hear a quiet melody, because it is more sensitive to music.
  3. If the hand is numb
    You need to do rotational movements of the head. The flow of the hand is associated with the pinched nerves of the neck muscles. If you activate them, you can release the nerves and restore the sensitivity of the hand.
  4. If you are afraid of a shot
    Cough when you are injected with a needle. This will reduce pain from the injection, due to stress in the chest, which reduces the sensitivity of pain receptors.
  5. If it is difficult to breathe because of stuffy nose
    Put your tongue on the palate and massage your finger with the area between your eyebrows. This will cause the vomer to stir, which forms the back of the nasal septum. Nasal congestion will go away in 20 seconds.
  6. If heartburn prevents sleep
    Sleep on your left side. It is proved that such a position can reduce the ingress of hydrochloric acid from the stomach into the esophagus. With the position on the left side, the angle between the esophagus and the stomach decreases and getting into the esophagus of the acid becomes difficult.
  7. If the tooth hurts
    Grind an ice cube on the back of the palm, in the membrane between the thumb and forefinger. So you can block the pain signals from the aching tooth to the brain.
  8. If you burned a finger
    Reduce the likelihood of blisters on the spotBurning will help applying a clean pads of another finger to the sore spot. You can also pour a pinch of soda into the burn place. It will ease the pain and reduce the likelihood of blistering.
  9. If the alcohol is dizzy
    Take hold of a stable object. The whole secret is that the fluid in the inner ear is the same density as the blood. Diluting blood, alcohol increases the density of the fluid in the inner ear and raises the dome that regulates balance. The brain is difficult to correctly perceive the position of the body. If you grab a steady object, the brain can correctly perceive your position.
  10. If after a run started to hurt in the side
    Exhale and transfer the weight of the body to your left leg. This will reduce the pressure of the liver on the diaphragm and reduce pain in the side. Most people do exhale, stepping on the right foot, and this leads to increased pressure on the liver.
  11. If nosebleeds began
    Put a piece of cotton wool on the gum behind the bridle, located on the upper jaw and strongly press. This will increase pressure on the front of the nasal septum and bleeding will decrease.
  12. If you are a man and you really wanted to go to the toilet
    Think about sex and you will immediately feel better. Urination and sex are incompatible concepts.
  13. If you can not reach the pool diving
    Take a few quick breaths. This will give you another 10 seconds, since the brain will think that you have enough oxygen in your stock.
  14. If you need to learn something by heart
    Repeat the text several times before going to bed. The brain will order the information and translate it into long-term memory. It's amazing, but in the morning you'll find that you remember what you've learned.
  15. If you are concerned about seasickness
    Look at the distance, on the horizon. Due to the contradiction between sensations and visual impressions, your state will improve. Ginger will also help to cope with the problem of seasickness.

Now you can easily deceive your body and its sensations. Nor toothache, Nor small burns to you will not be terrible. These tips will make your life more comfortable!

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