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How long to store products

Such a case can be observed in every house. Fresh vegetables, fruits and much more are bought. After a while bananas turn brown, strawberries turn into porridge, and lettuce leaves lose their appetizing crunch. Without special expenses everyone can Prolong freshness Products and preserve their taste. How to do it, read on.

How long to store products

  1. Place the onions in kapron tights, tying a knot after each bulb. Then hang this "garland". That's so simple!
  2. Bow storage

  3. Rare bananas do not throw them into garbage! They will give your baking softness and sweetness in a wonderful way. Stunned, how delicious!
  4. Ripe bananas

  5. Cut the avocado together with a half of onions, and, thus, enjoy the taste of your favorite foods longer!
  6. avocado

  7. Do you want bananas to stay fresh longer? Just wrap their tips with food film, as shown in the photo.
  8. Bananas

  9. Corn flakes will not stick together if you keep them in the freezer. Incredible, right?
  10. cornflakes

  11. Up to 5 weeks you will be able to store the celery if you put it in the refrigerator, after wrapping it all in aluminum foil. Crispy fresh celery - tasty, and, most importantly, useful!
  12. How to store celery

  13. So as not to expose chicken, quail, etc. Eggs temperature drops as a result of opening and closing the refrigerator, put them somewhere in the middle. While the refrigerator door is the worst place for this product.
  14. Eggs in the fridge

  15. One "bath" with vinegar (1 cup of vinegar and 3 cups of water) - and you can enjoy longer taste of your favorite strawberry.
  16. Strawberry

  17. All root vegetables, without exception, are better preserved if placed on wet sand and stored in a cool place protected from sunlight.
  18. How to store carrots

  19. Slicing cheese, try to touch it less, because through touching the cheese can get bacteria, which will shorten the shelf life of cheese.
  20. How to cut cheese

  21. Keep a dry biscuit with a piece of fresh bread.
  22. biscuit

  23. Greenery cut a little, put in water and pack in a bag. Then put in the refrigerator.
  24. greenery

  25. For milk the same rule applies as for eggs. They always take the middle of the refrigerator.
  26. fridge

  27. A clean refrigerator is alpha and omega. My it more often.
  28. fridge

  29. You can fill an empty plastic bottleFrom under the water with green onions and freeze it. Every time you need a bow, you simply defrost a small amount, and the rest you send back to the freezer. very comfortably.
  30. Green onion

  31. Store mushrooms in a paper bag, because in plastic bags they accumulate all the moisture, because of which mold is formed.
  32. Mushrooms

  33. But what about fresh greens for the whole winter? It's simple: put it with olive oil in the freezer and use it portion by part.
  34. Greens for the winter

  35. Raisins save only in glass vessels. So they will not wither.
  36. raisins

  37. Lettuce leaves should be stored only in paper bags, as the latter absorb the moisture very well.
  38. Lettuce leaves

  39. Fresh asparagus a whole week in the fridge - it's real! Just put it in a glass of water and cover it with a plastic bag.
  40. asparagus

And now ran to the kitchen to save our products! Are you with us?

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