/ The Most Useful Foods

The Most Useful Foods

All housewives are aware of the need to make stocksProducts from which you can prepare wonderful dishes. But what about the body: what products are not only delicious and worthy components of many recipes, but also the most useful for your Health?

Read this list and find out. To be healthy and beautiful, you must constantly include these goodies in your Ration.

healthy foods

The most useful products

  1. honey
    It strengthens the immune system and is the best source of energy. If the kitchen has honey, you can forget about sugar!
  2. Bananas
    They contain a lot of potassium, which helps muscles to stay strong. In addition, a banana beneficial effect on the heart and reduces the risk of stroke.
  3. oatmeal
    Cleanses the vessels and treats diseases of the stomach and intestines. While oatmeal contains a minimum number of calories.
  4. spinach
    In fresh spinach there are vitamins a, c and c, antioxidants and iron, which will help you increase muscle mass.
  5. olive oil
    It contains a large amount of vitamin E, which is involved in the process of assimilation of vitamins A and K. This oil promotes the rejuvenation of the body and lowering the level of cholesterol.
  6. Apples
    In apples is more vitamin C than in oranges. In addition, this fruit slows the growth of cancer cells and improves the performance of the lungs, heart and digestive tract.
  7. yogurt
    It contains a large amount of calcium and probiotics, which increase immunity and improve digestion. While yogurt - a great way to have a bite in the heat of the working day.
  8. salmon
    In fish contains a large amount of omega-3 fats that help reduce cholesterol and protect against cancer. In addition, salmon improves the condition of the hair and can overcome depression.
  9. carrot
    This vegetable contains a large amount of beta-carotene, which improves vision and reduces the risk of cancer. So that the carrot is better absorbed, eat it with sour cream or sunflower oil.
  10. Blueberries
    The berry slows the aging process in the body and improves eyesight. Also blueberries can cure forgetfulness and absent-mindedness.

Do not forget about these useful products - and you will always be Feel good. What we eat forms our body, so do not treat it irresponsibly.

Share this list of products with your friends if it seems useful and relevant to you. Proper nutrition Can be tasty!