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How best to think

Improve their thinking process - is quite real. If you feel that lately you've become hard to think, there are not any new ideas, important questions still do not meet with your brothers-decisions - you just need to change something!

To start, reconsider your way of life. To better think, we must not overeat and engage in a feasible sport - at least on the stairs to walk. Also read these Reasonable advice, Given below - if you follow them, your creativity and ability to think logically will greatly increase!


How best to think?

  1. Take into account your emotional state
    Certainly, first of all it concerns women,Because they are so prone to frequent changes of mood. Remember: our consciousness is only a small part of what is happening in our head. At any moment the brain processes with enormous speed a huge amount of information - so quickly we can not realize everything.

    Based on its findings, the brain generatesEmotions. Do not ignore this subtle clue - your personal supercomputer wants to tell you something. If emotions overwhelm and you can not deal with them, switch to the time for another task, easier. Calm down, return to the difficult question.

  2. Do not think under pressure of circumstances
    At moments when you only needAction, there is no point in analyzing your methods. "The plane took off - it's too late to check fuel supplies." Once, having spent time on training to skill, you in the further should trust in the automatism and carry out actions quickly and effectively. Believe yourself and your skills.
  3. Consider an alternative
    This method is often used by poker players whenSuspect that the partner is bluffing. I suppose for myself the idea that "the partner is not bluffing", after that the brain will sensitively filter all the signs (speech, facial expressions) that come into conflict with this fact, accepted by you on faith. So your opinion about a particular issue will be the most objective.
  4. Question your habits
    If you like good wine - there is no connectionBetween its price and how much it will appeal to you personally. The same with perfume, movies, books ... find out what you want and get more pleasure from life. The happy man thinks better.
  5. Enjoy the water treatments
    Studies show that often a solutionProblems come during a long walk or in the process of taking a shower. The best ideas come at the peak of activity in the right hemisphere of the brain, and the mind works most effectively with this hemisphere when it is without stress. Relax, in order to think better!
  6. Be skeptical of your memories
    Scientists have proved that the memory of man is surprisingly dishonest. The very fact of remembering an event changes the information about this event in our brain - details and descriptions change.

    The more you think, the less reliableThese events become the basis for decision-making. It is unlikely that you should arrange a birthday for your child on the basis of memories, what did you like at 7 years old.

  7. Do not count on an ideal figure and supernumerism at the same time
    It turned out that the brain regions responsible for the willAnd thinking, are quickly exhausted. A simple experiment showed that a person who was asked to memorize a seven-digit number, and then offered to eat - between a salad and a chocolate cake chose a cake. And the one who was asked to memorize only one figure, without hesitation, chose a salad. In the first group, "brain strain" was exhausted. Take care of your resources.
  8. Work on bugs
    One common feature of successful people is theirThe desire to focus on your mistakes. Even when they do well, they insist that they could do better. This, of course, is not a recipe for happiness, but it is a vital learning process, so brain cells figure out how to do it right. Error analysis is the path to development.
  9. Go and dream!
    Scientists have discovered that dreams are the most importantComponent of creativity: they cause a peak of activity in the brain network, which connects its parts and forms new connections. The dreamer in reality does a great job. Please do not forget to dream and move - this is a guarantee that your brain will work for five.
  10. Think about thinking
    It is proved that the main guarantee of a correct decisionIs not intellect and experience, but the determination to find the answer. The brain, like an army Swiss knife, is full of all sorts of tools. Think about which of these tools is most suitable for solving the problem now, and you will immediately see the light at the end of the tunnel.

These logical tips can back you upForces for a successful thought process. Each of us is a very complex system, believe me, no one knows you better than you yourself. Stimulation of creative or rational thoughts in each person occurs in its own way. Find an individual approach to your brain, create in your life the most comfortable conditions for its smooth operation.

It's very easy, the main thing - love yourself, take itItself and its features, including the features of the brain. I, for example, think best of all in a good mood, that's why I always rejoice myself before solving important tasks, adjusting myself to positive things. But one of my friends gives out completely insane and Incredible ideas Just when he is very much worried about something ...

Let your thoughts always be clear and supported by good deeds! Tell everyone about this article about brain stimulation - it's important for every intelligent person.