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Tips for cleaning the house

Cleaning can take a lot of effort and time. In most people it is associated with routine, fatigue and hard work. In fact, there are some simple tips for cleaning an apartment or house, which will improve and facilitate the process of guidance Order and purity.

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House cleaning tips

  1. Correctly start cleaning the room with a vacuum cleaner and only then wipe the dust. If you do the opposite, the dust settles again.
  2. To clean the toilet well before going to work, pour a cleaning liquid into it, and in the evening walk along the walls with a brush.
  3. You need to start from places where thorough cleaning and disinfection is required. Apply them to cleaning agents and do other things. It is enough to leave for 10 minutes, so that the funds begin to operate.
  4. Use an old toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach places - corners, grooves, grooves in plumbing, containers and household appliances.
  5. To ensure that the screens and rear surfaces of televisions and other equipment to sit down less dust, wipe them with a special napkin with antistatic.
  6. Put some activated carbon in the refrigerator. He will swallow all the smells and save you from unnecessary airing of the refrigerator.
  7. Clean the kitchen from the surface of the plate. Treat it with anti-fat remedy so that the dried stains can move away while you clean the countertop.
  8. If you are tired of stains on surfaces, notIt is worth wiping them with chaotic or circular motions. Use better horizontal or vertical. If the surface has a complex structure, wipe it over the structure.
  9. Replacing the usual rag with a microfiber, you save a lot of time.
  10. Before applying the cloth, fold it four times. Thus, there are as many as four working sides, which will increase the duration of its use and save time.
  11. To avoid damaging the surface, do not use forGetting rid of stains and light contaminants abrasive side of the sponge. Do not use sponges with a green abrasive in the kitchen. Take a better white or blue.
  12. If you just finished the repair and do not know howGet rid of the ubiquitous building dust, wash the surface with water and vinegar (2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water) and only then using a cleaning agent. This will bring the surface to a state of perfect purity.
  13. If you damaged the surface of the hood with any chemical, you can visually hide this defect. Just wipe the damage with vegetable oil.
  14. Raids from cups of tea and coffee will help remove common baking soda. Put a small amount of soda on the soft side of the sponge and wipe the dishes with it. Will be like new.
  15. So as not to spoil the frying pan, it can not be immediately filled with cold water after cooking. Wait until the frying pan cools down, and then pour it.

These simple tips can facilitate the cleaning process in your home. And the house will become cleaner, and you will spend less time and energy to achieve Ideal purity Housing.

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