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Products that cause fatigue

We often feel tired and sleepy even at the very beginning of the day. It can be completely unrelated to the fact that a person has slept badly or is just sick.

Very often we use products that lead us to such a state. "so simple!" Has prepared for you a list of products that take away vitality.

Products that cause fatigue

  1. Cognac and bitter herbal tinctures
    They are often advised for cheerfulness. In fact, if you drink one of these drinks during lunch, you will feel tired and exhausted. If you give up a pile on a dream coming, the effect will be the opposite.

    Strong Alcoholic beverages Poorly interact with the sleep hormone - theyCause drowsiness, which does not relax. Your sleep will be deep even after a small amount of strong alcohol, but inferior, since the brain will not have enough oxygen.

    If you want to relax at dinner, better drink a glass of red wine, which will help relieve tension and spasms of blood vessels.

  2. sweet
    All sweets cause an increase in the level of glucose in the blood, which then drops sharply. You will feel prostration. Which means that if you are tired and wantA bite, better do without the sweet and rolls. Better to eat just a piece of black or grain bread with olive oil (by the way, this is the fastest way to quickly satisfy hunger).
  3. Turkey meat
    Turkey is dietary meat, but in itContains proteins that have a relaxing effect. Having eaten turkey breast for dinner, you can feel tired and sleepy, so it's best to cook this dish for dinner. Before a night sleep, these her properties will be very welcome.
  4. Floury
    This category of products acts on the humanThe body in the same way, as well as sweet - causes jumps of glucose. In addition, products with gluten swell in the stomach, because of what the body appears heaviness and you want to lie down a bit.
    bakery products
  5. roast
    Fried foods are more difficult and longest to digest by the body. It takes a lot of energy and that's why you feel tired.

To cope with fatigue and get a charge of vivacity for the whole day you will help products that make up for Iron deficiency, - spinach, apples, beets, buckwheat, beans, and also rich in vitamins B1 and B12 - look for them in bread with bran, cheese, nuts, green peas.

Knowing these little secrets, you will not be surprised why you are sleepy. Using this knowledge rationally, you can be cheerful all day long.

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