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10 useful lifhoks

Learn something new every day, and your lifeWill pass to a qualitatively new level! As there are situations in everyday life, when various small difficulties complicate life ... do not lead on a dull life that drags into its quagmire! Solve any problems with ease and ingenuity, listening Wise advice. Here are some of them - read, look at the pictures, remember what you thought was important. Let these liifkhaki make your life cozier!

Lifjhaki for all occasions

  1. A regular ring with a keychain will serve as an excellent solution to the problem of unfastening the zipper.
  2. Cool the wine with frozen grapes. Now melted ice will not spoil the taste and strength of the drink!
  3. With the help of a cup you can perfectly place in a microwave the whole two plates at once.
  4. To accurately map the holes in the wall, take a photo of the back surface of the object that you are going to attach.
  5. The tea bag will absorb all the unpleasant odors from the shoes.
  6. If you insert the blue rods in the red handles, you will protect yourself against theft! No one steals the red pens, and this is salvation.
  7. Put the old newspaper on the bottom of the bin - this will save you from the unpleasant drops on the floor from the garbage bag.
  8. Warming up food in a microwave, put it in a plate in the form of a ring - so the food will be heated evenly.
  9. Quick cooling of beer: wrap the bottle in a damp paper towel and put it in the freezer. In two minutes the drink will be cold!
  10. Warming up the pizza, put a glass next to the water - the pizza will be as delicious as immediately after cooking.

How simple are some of these truths! Anyone can think of such vital steps, just we are not used to finding Original solutions Household tasks. And very vain! Manifest your creative nature in any business, stop following stereotyped thinking. You yourself can be the author of wonderful, personal lifhak.

To make the life of friends better and easier, they came to these tips. Take care of loved ones is very nice ...