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Natural flavors that change the mood

You probably noticed that different flavors can influence your mood and well-being. This is an irrefutable fact - it was confirmed by numerous experiments and observations. Perfume The whole history of the existence of mankind has an influence on us. Hundreds of years ago people knew what kind of odor can excite a person, raise his spirits, heal from ailment.

"so simple!" Picked up 11 fragrances that will help you achieve the desired state.

Best natural flavors

  1. Lavender helps to fall asleep.
    The aroma of lavender oil will help you calmMind and body for instant relaxation. A concentrated scent of lavender will save you from insomnia. This was proved during the study, in which students who attended the session participated. You can believe.
  2. lavender

  3. Cinnamon helps improve the brain.
    This spice has a super power. It was proved that the smell of cinnamon improves motor skills, vision, memory and attention.
  4. cinnamon

  5. Coniferous smell reduces stress.
    Japanese scientists have done a little research. They sent two groups of subjects to walk in the forest: the first - deciduous, the second - coniferous. Those who walked in the usual forest, came back worried and unhappy. After the coniferous forest people became fresh and rested. The conclusion suggests itself.
  6. Coniferous forest

  7. The aroma of freshly cut grass raises the mood.
    This is in the first place. And secondly, this smell will help to prevent the reduction of mental abilities from fatigue.
  8. Grass by the forest

  9. Citrus is invigorating.
    This scent even the dead will lift from the bed. Citrus will help your body to produce and conserve energy as much as necessary.
  10. Citrus fruits

  11. Vanilla makes kinder.
    Vanilla makes life sweeter, and temper is kinder. It will help you balance on the verge between composure and relaxation.
  12. vanilla

  13. The pumpkin acts as an aphrodisiac.
    Recent studies have shown that 40% of men find it exciting to mix the scents of pumpkin and lavender. suddenly!
  14. A lot of pumpkins

  15. Mint increases concentration of attention.
    Mint cleanses the respiratory tract, which, in turn, invigorates and stimulates brain activity.
  16. mint

  17. Jasmine eliminates depression.
    The fragrance of jasmine, first, will make you more attentive, and secondly, it will help to fight with bad thoughts. Take instead of sad songs.
  18. jasmine

  19. Apples soften the pain of migraine.
    People who suffer from headaches, it is worth keeping a few apples. In addition to the analgesic effect, apple flavor helps to reduce anxiety.
  20. Red apples

  21. The aroma of olive oil quenches your appetite.
    Scientists found that people are more likely to be saturatedDish, when it is seasoned with olive oil. Moreover, we are already slightly "full" from the smell alone, so if you actively snort the most low-calorie salad, seasoned with this oil - you will be satisfied.
  22. olive oil

Control your emotions and well-being with these smells. Natural aromatherapy Will give you a sense of inner harmony. These natural smells can make your life much more pleasant and brighter.

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