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Advice for young people

How hard it is to be young! Acquiring his personal life experience, Any young person faces a lot of different difficulties on his way. These tips will be useful to everyone who is just beginning to understand something in this complicated life ...

Here is an interesting experiment conducted by the writerAnd blogger Mark Manson. He turned to subscribers of his blog over 37 years old with a request to share his valuable knowledge, obtained in the period from 30 to 40 years. Combining all the answers received, the brand received an impressive sample of collective wisdom.

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Tips for 40-year-olds for young people

  1. Take care of your health
    Health can not be bought for money. You can save it only in one way: start taking care of yourself right now, without delay. Go in for sports and eat properly. Remember that an unhealthy person can not be happy. Aging, people are very sorry that they did not think about their body before, they did not suspect that it could collapse in 10 years.

    All so fleeting, do not waste yourself in vain, reduce the consumption of alcohol and harmful products. Do not be careless.

  2. Stop talking to people who do not appreciate you
    Stop throwing yourself away. If a person does not appreciate you and does not treat you well - let him go. Good relations are difficult to build, but still possible. Just next to you should be a suitable person, which you really enjoy.

    We are used to tolerate, let others doBut it's a sign of inexperience. A wise man simply limits his communication with those who do not value him. Try, you will immediately feel how much easier it is for you to live with this way of thinking.

  3. Treat well to those who are close to you
    Between 30 and 40 years in people's livesReal catastrophes begin to occur. Parents die, divorce occurs, children get sick. If a person is dear to you - support him in a difficult moment, and he will repay you the same.

    You need to be able to appreciate the true friends and good people who met you on the path of life. Their units, but how wonderful that they are.

  4. Concentrate on what works well for you
    You can not get everything at once. Career - that is the important question, where it is necessary to make a choice. Choice in favor of the fact that you are better at it.

    You can succeed in many of your endeavors, but in the end you need to choose one, the most important direction and develop it. Only in this way will you achieve real success.

  5. Do not be afraid to take risks
    To put up a cross at this age isa crime. If there are things that do not suit you - change them! Did not have a married life? You can start all over again. Chose a career unsuccessfully? Learn what you really have abilities for.

    Try never to stop in your development. Years later, you will be proud of the changes that you have made now.

  6. Learn
    Become better - this is whatStrive for every person. Only the development of your most wonderful qualities will help you become a full-fledged person. Learn new ways, improve existing skills. never stop! This is tantamount to death.
  7. Stop controlling life
    Alas, no matter how hard you try, everything will happenNot at all as you planned. A person is not allowed to know what will happen to him after a while, the circumstances are constantly changing, you do not have to predict what will happen next.

    In this there is also a positive moment - so to liveMuch more interesting. You will not be able to keep everything under control, so relax so as not to get into a panic state when life becomes uncontrollable.

  8. Build a family relationship
    It is true that a family is what it hasvalue. Invest your time and emotional resources in the development of the family. You will understand how important it is when parents die when life presents surprises to you in the form of incredible difficulties. Support of relatives is priceless, know that nothing can replace it. Create a solid family - this is worth wasting strength.
  9. respect yourself
    Stop torturing yourself for minor shortcomings. Be patient with yourself just like you sometimes forgive others. Do every day something pleasant for yourself. So you will feel the fullness of life. This is a healthy egoism, and everyone needs it. Life is too short to not love yourself.

Make your loved ones nice and share these smart tips with them. Age is just numbers, the main thing is to be a worthy person, no matter how old you are.