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How to Clean Shrimp

There is hardly a person who loves To clean shrimps. This is a very tedious and very monotonous activity, especially if the shrimp is large enough.

this Sequential instruction Will show you how quicker and easier it is to clean the shrimp, spending a minimum of effort on it. Now boring kitchen affairs will become much more interesting! Make friends with shrimp, and they will become even more delicious.

How to peel a shrimp

  1. When preparing shrimps for cooking without shell, take scissors and cut the shrimp along the back. Remove the chitinous plates from the head to the tail - they are removed quite simply.
  2. How to peel a shrimp

  3. The head is separated as easily with a knife or simplyBreaking traffic. Scientists have discovered that in the head of shrimp contains a large number of antioxidants - substances that prevent aging. So removing or not removing the head is your personal choice.
  4. How to peel a shrimp

  5. Remove your legs. Take all the legs in one bundle and tear it off.
  6. How to peel a shrimp

  7. Important point - the intestinal vein, passingAlong the back of the shrimp. It must be removed in order to make the shrimp look more aesthetic and you could fully enjoy the taste of seafood. The carcass should be cut shallowly along the back, slightly open. Now you can gently pick up the insides with a knife.
  8. How to peel a shrimp

  9. Wash prawns. Put them in a bowl and pour water into it. Veins of shrimp can be sticky.
  10. How to peel a shrimp

But here is a detailed video that will reveal to you the mystery of the proper cleansing of shrimp. Look at it carefully - there is something to learn.

Now you know everything about the proper cleaning of shrimp! Use these tips, and your culinary affairs will go smoothly. Shrimp - an integral part of any festive table.

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