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Sly life advice

There are many Day-to-day affairs, Which we all absolutely do not like to do. Or it is difficult to cope with their consequences. You do not know how to save your car from evacuation or not to cry when you cut an onion?

"so simple!" Offers you several Councils, Which will help to simplify your life a little! This knowledge has become a discovery for me.

Plant in boots

11 useful tricks

  1. Before you borrow any thing, take a picture with her. So you can prove that it belongs to you.
  2. Do not know what to give a girl? Ask her to guess what you bought her. She will tell you everything herself.
  3. The cheapest products in stores are above or below eye level.
  4. If you burned the tongue, sugar will help relieve the pain.
  5. Drink a glass of apple juice for the night. It contains substances that will make your dreams brighter.
  6. Do not want your car to be evacuated - just turn the steering wheel all the way. It will not be able to either roll it up, or pick up the wheels.
  7. So as not to cry when you cut an onion, chew the cud.
  8. 15 minutes of laughter affect your health just like 30 minutes of sit-ups.
  9. Buying oranges and grapefruits, pay attention to their weight. No matter what his size: the harder the fruit, the more juicy.
  10. Do you want to quickly cool a hot drink? Put 3-4 teaspoons or 1-2 tablespoons in a cup.
  11. If you do not want to forget some thing, leaving the house, just put it in your shoes!

these Tricks Will help you in life and make it a little easier. Remember them, and you will not face the problem of choosing a gift or a burned tongue. All ingenious is fantastically simple, is not it?

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