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How to remove paint stains

With many often it happened that you will sit down on the bench, and she, it turns out, is freshly painted. And then - throw your favorite jeans in the trash? Do not rush to do so. There are proven ways, How to get rid of paint on clothes!!

We offer you several methods that will give your favorite things a second chance.

How to remove paint from clothes

  1. This method is suitable for Old spots. You will need refined gasoline or kerosene. Moisten a piece of cotton wool in it and wipe it off with a stain. Do not smear the stain, rubbing from the middle to the edges. Try to have your movements directed towards the middle. Then wash clothes with powder for stubborn stains.

    If the fabric is light, use more radical means: acetone or nail polish remover. But remember that the shade of the fabric can change, so it's better to check the work of the product on the same product, but in an inconspicuous place.

  2. Stain on jeans

  3. For the next method you will need white clay and Refined gasoline. Mix them until a homogeneous mass is obtained. You will have a paste. Put it on the stain and wait until the gasoline completely evaporates. Then brush the cloth off the clay and wash it as usual.
  4. White powder

  5. Another way from old spots. You need turpentine. You need to do everything as in the first method. After that it is necessary to wash the stain. For this you can use stain remover or dishwashing liquid. Carefully rinse clothes and wash as usual.
  6. And this method is suitable if the jeans are stained with water-based paint. Take a stain remover or soap. Wipe the contaminated area in warm water, rinse and wash as usual.
  7. Stain on jeans

    Stain on jeans

  8. If you wear oil paint on clothes, you need a dishwashing liquid. Dilute it with water and soak the sponge in this solution. Treat it with a stain.
  9. For one more effective way you need White Spirit. Put it on the stain with a sponge or a rag.
  10. White trench on jeans

  11. For stubborn stains The following method approaches: take glycerin and preheat it in a microwave or on a water bath. Put it on the stain. After a while, wash clothes with powder for stubborn stains.

These 7 ways will help you get rid of stains of any paint on your clothes. The main thing is to be very careful, because many of these funds can cause even more damage to your things.

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