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Alcoholic beverages

To choose the right choice of alcoholic beverages, you need to be guided in them. If you decide to drink - know that the consequences are inevitable, because alcohol Harms the body very much.

In this article we will talk about the most common alcoholic beverages. MOTHER AT UUS, this information is very useful to you during the celebration of the new year. And not only then ...

Alcoholic beverages

  1. vodka
    Number one in the list. The severity of a hangover after drinking vodka - 3 out of 10. why? As a rule, vodka does not contain almost any additives - dyes, flavors.

    In addition, this drink is the most thoroughCompared to other strong drinks cleaning. Therefore, claim narcologists from the British Medical Association, a hangover syndrome after a vodka feast is much easier than, say, whiskey, rum or even wine.

    Since vodka does not contain sugars and otherSources of carbohydrates, calories in it are provided only with alcohol (about 7 kcal / g). It turns out that, for all its bad reputation, vodka is one of the most "dietary" drinks. However, if you drink vodka not in its pure form, but in the composition Cocktails, The picture can change to the exact opposite.

    For all its "purity", vodka is the culprit of the majority Alcohol poisoning. Because of its relative cheapness, lack ofPronounced taste and habit to dilute vodka with juice or other alcoholic beverages, it is drunk relatively easily, which means that the probability of abuse is maximal.

  2. vodka

  3. beer
    A hangover after an evening spent after a coupleGlasses of beer one point heavier than after a feast with vodka - 4 out of 10. as shown by a study of specialists from the central hospital of Massachusetts, the purine substances contained in the beer increase the level of uric acid in the blood, which in turn leads to the deposition of salts in the joints And development Gout.

    Beer consumption also increases the risk of obesity, problems with the cardiovascular system and bowel cancer, can lead to hormonal imbalance in both men and women.

    Except for everyone's favorite taste, this alcoholicThere are other pluses to the drink. The alcohol content in beer is extremely low (3-8%), so the state of intoxication from it comes very slowly. In addition, half a liter of beer contains about a quarter of the recommended daily intake of vitamin B and beneficial for the heart folic acid salts.

  4. beer

  5. White wine
    This noble drink made fromFermented grape, peeled and pitted, pulls all 6 points on a 10-point scale of hangover syndrome. With time, in the process of storing the drink in white wine sulfites are formed. They can also add manufacturers there to preserve the original color of their product.

    Whatever it was, it was these substances scientists called the perpetrators of the heavy Hangover symptoms, Threatening lovers of white wines. In addition, sulfites can cause allergic reactions, attacks of migraine and asthma, and also - thin the tooth enamel, increasing your chances of earning caries.

    Consolation for those who from white wine for no reasonWants to refuse - as the American scientists say, white wine contains special chemical compounds that help lower cholesterol in the blood.

  6. wine

  7. Red wine
    The whole 7 of 10 points, the hangover is very unpleasant. The saying "a bottle of wine - does not hurt your head" does not justify itself in most cases. Because of the characteristics of production, red wine contains two kinds of alcohol - ethanol and methanol - and our liver processes them alternately.

    According to British researchers, it is up to methanol that comes in the last place, and therefore he for a long time "zasizhivaetsya" in the body and causes all hangover troubles.

    However, in this drink there is a lot of reserve -A natural antioxidant, which is almost absent in white wines. In moderate amounts, red wine fights with thrombosis, inflammatory processes, lowers cholesterol and thus heals the entire cardiovascular system.

  8. wine

  9. champagne
    The favorite drink of women is hungoverThe syndrome is of the same severity as red wine. Champagne is a cunning drink. As you know, with bubbles, alcohol is absorbed into the blood much faster, so it's very easy to get drunk with champagne.

    Plus, contrary to popular belief, itDoes not help to raise the mood. The consumption of alcohol reduces the activity of our brain, releasing emotions and blunting common sense. In the end we become more talkative, excited, sensitive - but certainly not more happy.

    An interesting fact about champagne. Antioxidants contained in sparkling wines, prevent the destruction of nerve cells and thereby protect against diseases such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. To this conclusion came the scientists from the University of Reading, who found in champagne a high content of useful tyrosol and coffee acid.

  10. champagne

  11. whiskey
    During the storage in whiskey, all kinds ofImpurities, due to which the hangover from it is 2 times heavier than from a similar amount of vodka. So 8 out of 10 is the weight of a hangover after an evening with a viscari. Excessive love for this drink threatens if not a white fever, then sudden and violent attacks of rage for sure.

    Because of the strength of the drink and the tradition of drinking itUndiluted and without snacks, whiskey quickly leads to a state of intoxication and makes the drinker behave extremely unpredictably. As shown by experiments conducted by members of the Royal Society of Chemists in the United Kingdom, it is ethyl alcohol, contained in whiskey, the fastest absorbed by the body.

    Already an hour after the first glass, the alcohol level in the drinker's blood reaches its maximum. And "goodbye" ... this explains the effect of the drink.

    According to British chemists,Single malt whiskey enters useful ellagic acid, and in fairly large quantities. This acid is capable of slowing the growth of cancer tumors of a certain type and even killing cancer cells without damaging the healthy ones.

  12. whiskey

  13. brandy
    The most severe hangover is observed after drinking this drink - 9 out of 10. love of brandy is fraught with the worst possible hangover syndromes.

    According to the LondonCenter of neurology and neurosurgery, with increasing the aging of the drink, the content of harmful substances that are formed during storage is increased accordingly.

    On the one hand, they provide its taste and smell, on the other - the heaviest Symptoms of poisoning. The same applies to rum, gin and the already mentioned red wine and whiskey.

  14. brandy

What to drink is up to you. The main thing, of course, is to know the measure in everything. Let the alcoholic beverages only slightly emphasize the festivity of certain events for you, do not turn the consumption of alcohol into a holiday. This you absolutely do not need, to kill yourself while still alive - an empty business.

Worry about the health of friends - tell them about these features of alcoholic beverages. They must know this!