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Myths about treating colds

People's recipes to fight the diseases are passed down from generation to generation. It's amazing how our grandmothers could treat any illness without the help of professional doctors!

So we used to think that folk remedies are a win-win option. But is it really so? Some of these methods of treatment are worth clarifying, otherwise we can do harm to health.

Myths about treating colds

  1. We wrap and weave our feet
    When we have a fever, we instinctively hide under the blanket to keep warm. This leads to a violation of natural thermoregulation, and the body temperature increases. As a result, we get Pressure jumps And heart palpitations.

  2. Tea with raspberries
    When cold, it is recommended to drink raspberry tea. This drink helps to fight high fever and increases immunity. But if you drink tea with raspberries in large quantities, then the load on the heart will increase. Doctors recommend drinking no more than one cup of raspberry tea a day.

  3. Lemon with honey
    Lemon strengthens immunity, and honey has the ability to lower fever. But both products are powerful Allergens, So they must be treated with caution. Especially if a person suffers from diabetes mellitus.
    Lemon with honey

  4. Garlic and onions
    These products contain Phytoncides - substances that destroy microbes. But, dripping the juice of garlic and onions in the nose, we irritate and so inflamed mucous. It is much more useful to simply inhale the evaporation of garlic and onions.

  5. A pack of potatoes
    A pack of boiled potatoes warms your throat andPromotes recovery. But it can not be used at high temperatures! In addition, the location of the compress is important. Do not warm your neck in the thyroid.

  6. alcohol
    Popular recipes recommend Rubs the body with alcohol And wrap yourself in a blanket. But remember that alcohol should be warm, and wipe only the upper body, legs and elbows.

  7. Cold against sore throat
    Indeed, under the influence of cold vessels onTonsils narrow and this removes inflammation. But if you decide on such treatment, then ice cream should be at room temperature and you can eat it very little.
    ice cream

  8. Vodka and red pepper
    This is a wonderful antiseptic, but it can not be used With angina, Otherwise you can burn the mucous membrane.

Folk wisdom is priceless. But do not neglect the experience of modern medicine. Any advice should be used wisely, so be sure to take into account these recommendations, which will help to maintain health.

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