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How to use silica gel

So often when you buy something (shoes, electrical equipment, handbags, etc.), in addition to this, you get also a small bag on which it is written "Silica gel". Inside it contains silica gel - a granular substance that absorbs moisture, and thus protects your goods from damage.

In most cases we just throw these bags away, because we do not know what can be really done with them. While they could come in handy. Evidence - these 10 useful tricks.

How to use silica gel

  1. Mobile wet
    If you wet your mobile or even "redeemed" it, just turn off the device, remove the battery and sim card, and then put it overnight in a vessel with silica gel. He will absorb all the moisture.
  2. Mobile phone in water

  3. Foul clothes
    If your things after the holiday are still wet, put in a suitcase a couple of bags of silica gel - and a musty smell as it never happened!
  4. Packets of silica gel

  5. Sports bag with an unpleasant odor
    Odor of a sports bag and locker forDressing in the gym - of course, not from the pleasant. If in the bag you will have several bags of silica gel, in any case, the smell is at least a little bit, but will disappear.
  6. Sports bag

  7. Misted lens of camera
    Lenses of the camera can fog, for example, when itsMove from cold to heat. And then these magic bags will come to the rescue! For example, you can put them in a camera case. Or in critical cases (as with a mobile phone) repeat the procedures described in paragraph 1.
  8. Camera lens

  9. Storage of seeds
    If there are printed bags withSowing material, you need to be very careful to ensure that during the winter they are not sodden. But this is not at all a problem, if we take a hermetic vessel, put bags with seeds and silica gel there. Voila! The problem is solved!
  10. Seeds in sachets

  11. Color drying
    Flowers can be dried more quickly if they are wrapped in paper with one or more bags of silica gel.
  12. Withered flowers

  13. Storing photographs
    Do you want to enjoy the vivid memories of old photos longer? Leave a bag of silica gel in a cardboard box along with the pictures. So they will not stick together.
  14. Photo

  15. Care of table silver
    Silica gel protects benign silver -Table or jewelry - from plaque. A bag of silica gel in a drawer in the kitchen or in a jewelry box - and the question is closed. And rust will not touch products made of other metals if you use this absorbent.
  16. a spoon

  17. Razor blade
    Razor blades are constantly in contactWith water, which rust and dull. What can you do to prevent this? Keep them together with this magical substance in a plastic box - they will last you much longer.
  18. razor

  19. windshield
    The more silica gel bags will be on the instrument panel of your car, the less will mist over its windshield.
  20. windshield

And it's good to know so much useful information, is not it? The best is you get this Trouble-free absorbent is free. Well, almost free, except for the goods you buy. Yes, by the way: if the bags are wet, then you can slightly dry it in the oven. But be careful: they will dry only at 120-150 degrees.

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