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How to change life in 4 weeks

Even if you are not very happy with your life and what is happening to you at the moment - this is not a reason to lose heart and despair. Many methods are known, How to make life better. You can start playing sports, you can move to another city, make new acquaintances, lose weight ...

All options have to be listed endlessly. There are so many of them that you can not help wondering - why is there so many desperate and eternally frustrated people in the world so far? Are these recommendations effective?

One answer is to to change yourself And the world around us, we need to choose such a planAction that suits you individually. Then there will be a result. Only that which you genuinely liked, found a response in your soul, and the truth will work.

These tips about how to change beyond recognitionHis life for 4 weeks - for everyone who does not like to go to extremes and is used to think rationally. You need to do three tasks every week to get closer to the goal of making your life more harmonious. It can happen that this is exactly what you so missed!

How to change life in a month

  1. first week
    Get up early.Take the rule of waking up earlyTime for at least an hour. When you are not in a hurry, stress becomes much less in life. Morning is an opportune time to relax, gather your thoughts, tune in to the next day. Laziness, unwillingness to get up early - this is not an indicator of fatigue. This is an indicator that you do not want to live your life.

    Eat consciously. Watch out for what you eat. Every time you take some food, ask yourself a simple question: Do I really want to eat this? Will it be useful for me? Really, I really want to eat this huge chocolate, knowing its composition? Or can I confine myself to a small piece?

    You do not know how much better you will beFeel when you stop using different garbage in the form of fatty foods, semi-finished products, chips and sweets ... alcohol and smoking also try to exclude or minimize. To change your life, you need strength and health, so do not take them from the body through harmful food. Eat what is useful and tasty, getting pleasure from food.

    Be sportier. Move more. Long do you want to start doing exercises in the morning or do yoga seriously? Right now. Running, swimming, anything - it all activates your body and helps you to be toned, better to think, work, feel strong and confident person. Movement is life!

  2. The second week
    Clear the space. In other words, throw old, unnecessarythings. It will be easier to breathe even in the literal sense. To bring something new into your life, first you need to get rid of the old one. This simple truth works in an amazing way. Cleaning the premises, real, quality - works no worse than any meditation. As a result, you will see how you will be filled with new strength and joy, watching the order in your own home.

    Do business. Instead of thinking about how many thingsIt is necessary to do and be horrified internally on this matter - take it and do it. Do not delay. It takes a lot of your energy, unfulfilled business and go after you. Figure them out and see how easy it will be for you.

    Keep track of who you are communicating with. Minimize communication with people who do notBring you joy. If someone irritates you, you experience negative, talking with him - why do it? It will be better for you and for this person. Break the relationship that is exhausting you and you want to stop them for a long time. It will draw new, interesting people into your life, with which you are on the same wavelength.

  3. The third week
    Write down and fulfill plans. What exists on paper is a mustWill be realized. A skilfully drawn up plan means that you will not forget anything important, no deeds and opportunities will not be missed. Try to plan on paper your day - it's so convenient and effective.

    Make a list of incredible dreams. Write a list of your dreams that will not come truenever. Well, so steep and so beyond that they can not be trusted at all. This is a great exercise that extends your boundaries. Allowing yourself to dream, you open up new horizons in front of you. What will be your surprise, when dreams will come true ... Believe me, there is nothing impossible. Give your dreams a chance to be fulfilled.

    Summarize the results. Analyze what and how you do. Watch how you grow, what positive changes have already occurred in your life. If you notice the changes in yourself and in the surrounding reality, the process of changing life will go even faster!

  4. The fourth week
    Try new. In the most that there are little things. Go to work a new road. Go into an unfamiliar cafe or in a very expensive shop. Try a new sport. Try to do what you never did. Every day, doing the usual things, ask yourself - what right now can I do a little differently? It is necessary to create a habit of trying new ones, gradually to leave the beaten paths.

    Be fearless. Try not to be afraid where you are used to being afraid. Afraid of heights? You can cope with this fear! Afraid of public speaking? Learn to overcome your fear and talk openly with people. This is called - the way out of its comfort zone. Only in this way self-improvement is possible.

    Have a rest. Rest is high-grade, after all work is not only important,But also rest. Relax, practice meditation, be outdoors, rejoice in small things. Without rest your strength and motivation to make life better quickly run out. Do not allow this and in every possible way make up your resources.

It seems that it is so difficult - to live by following such rules. This is only at first glance so. You can always contribute something in any direction Positive changes in life, Correct it so that it suits you.

If you practice these things with pleasure, they will necessarily bear fruit and will change life exactly the way you want.

Share these secrets of change with your favorite friends. Start the way to a new life with enthusiasm and friendly support!