/ How to Improve Memory

How to improve memory

Now we do not need to remember the information, because in the modern world you can take pictures of any ad and find almost any knowledge on the Internet.

Phone loss Can become a disaster, since we do not rememberPhones even the closest people. Without permanent memory training, it worsens, and with it our efficiency also decreases. But it's not fatal, because you can improve memory. as? Read the tips from "so simple!".

How to improve memory

  1. Read a good book
    While reading your brain will try toRemember information about the heroes and events. The images in your head will stimulate the imagination. Thus, reading will develop your intellect and expand your vocabulary.
  2. computer games
    In fact, gamers do not spend their time in front ofComputer monitors - they train their brains. But it only works if the game session lasts about half an hour, not the whole day. During the game a person thinks about strategies, solves logical problems and thinks. If you have a boring job, half an hour of games can bring your brain in order.
  3. sleep
    So that your brain is always in good shape, you need to sleep for 8 hours a day. At night, the brain needs time to regain strength, because during the day it solves complex problems and questions.
  4. Learn something new
    Think about what you always wanted to do, think upImagine a new hobby. It can be anything: drawing, singing, dancing. Try to write a fairy tale for children. The main thing is to do what you never did before.
  5. Get rid of routine
    Behave unpredictably! Do spontaneous actions! Try to replace the morning coffee with freshly squeezed juice, write with your left hand. Dilute your boring routine!
  6. Work with numbers
    Try to count without a calculator, because you hardly already remember the whole multiplication table. You will be surprised how quickly your brain starts working when you start counting in your mind.
  7. Learn by heart
    How many poems can you tellby heart? And children know dozens of poems! Try to teach them with your children. You not only will train your memory, but also fill it with beautiful.
  8. Talk about the past
    Try to retell the previous day, only in the reverse order, in the evening. Remembering the recent past, you do not allow your memory to destroy memories, than you train it.
  9. Learn foreign languages
    This is a wonderful training for the brain, whichWill expand your horizons and is always useful in life. Try to learn 10 new words a day and you will not notice how, after a couple of months, you will be able to speak a foreign language.
  10. Expand the vocabulary
    Try to learn new words every day. If you see somewhere an unknown word, find out its meaning and synonyms. Try to use new words in everyday life.

If you do not train your memory, you're herYou will lose. These 10 ways also help you avoid some very unpleasant diseases. Develop yourself and do not forget to tell your friends how to develop your memory!