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The advice of the Nepalese sages

Nepal is an amazing country. The fact that Nepal borders on Tibet has had a profound impact on the religious and cultural life of the country. In Nepal, the majority of the population professes Hinduism, but it is very much associated with Buddhism.

Buddhist monks are very unusual, enlightened people who have knowledge of how, How to save health And youth. They are sure that the spiritual world is inextricably linked with the physical, everything is constantly in motion, matter can change its properties under the influence of mental energy.

That is, if you think positively, realityAround you is in harmony. Nepalese sages found the answer to the eternal question - what is the meaning of life. They believe that the essence of life consists in gaining experience, so that the human soul can learn as much as possible in a short period of earthly existence. Read these Advice from wise elders, This is knowledge, with which it is worth getting acquainted and applying them on your life path.


Advice of Nepalese sages

  1. Speak slowly, and think quickly.
  2. Do not judge people by their relatives.
  3. When you say: "I love you," - tell the truth!
  4. When you say, "I'm sorry," look the man in the eyes.
  5. Never laugh at other people's dreams and dreams.
  6. Give people more than they expect, and do it with joy.
  7. Always keep in your head your favorite poem.
  8. Do not believe everything you hear, spend everything you have, sleep until you get enough sleep.
  9. Great love and great achievements always require great risk.
  10. When you lose, try to learn from this lesson, and even benefit.
  11. Respect yourself, respect others, answer for all your actions.
  12. Do not let a little argument ruin a great friendship.
  13. When you realize that you made a mistake, try not to hush it up, but quickly fix it.
  14. Every day spend some time alone.
  15. Be open for exchange, but do not let go of your values.
  16. Sometimes silence is the best answer.
  17. Read more books.
  18. Believe in God.
  19. In disputes with loved ones, turn to the current situation. Do not remember the past.
  20. Read between the lines.
  21. Share their knowledge with children. For today this is the only known way to achieve immortality.
  22. Be gentle with the earth. Do not throw garbage.
  23. Never interrupt when flattered.
  24. Do not interfere in other people's affairs, do not give empty advice.
  25. Do not trust the one who kisses you, without closing his eyes.
  26. Once a year, go where you were not.
  27. If you earn a lot of money, some of them will be used to help others.
  28. Remember, do not get what you want - it's sometimes luck.
  29. Obey doctors, but learn to violate some of their prohibitions.
  30. Assess your success according to what you had to sacrifice in order to achieve it.
  31. Your "I" is the final point of your journey.
  32. Treat love and cooking with reckless abandon - do not love and do not cook according to other people's recipes.

Your "I" is the final point of yourtravels. This is a very deep thought. Remember that everything really is already in you, the whole world is enclosed in your consciousness, in how you perceive reality.

There is no good and evil, only positive and negative. That is, the circumstances and events are formed under the influence of your relationship to them. Try always Be in a positive atmosphere, Do not load yourself with negative emotions and feelings. This is the secret of health, beauty and harmony.

Share age-old wisdom with your loved ones, enlighten them.