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How to protect your hearing

Every day we use our hearing constantly,But absolutely do not know how to properly care for their ears. But this is such an important sense organ! The world without sounds is completely different, people who have lost their hearing know the price.

Read these tips carefully on how to take good care of your ears. These recommendations will save you from unnecessary trips to the doctor and help To save one's ears To old age.

How to properly care for the ears

  1. Stop using cotton buds
    First, earwax plays an important role in protectingAuricles from infections and injuries. A healthy person has a certain amount of earwax in the ears permanently. Using a cotton swab to clear your ears, you are actually pushing the earwax further into the ear canal, to the eardrum.

    In the worst case, it can lead to damageExternal auditory canal. There is no need to constantly climb in your ears and remove earwax. This is naturally adjustable process, the less you will irritate the ear, the less sulfur will produce the body. To keep my outer ear clean, well my it when swimming. This will provide the ears a radiant appearance without harm to health.

  2. cotton buds

  3. Use natural oils
    If you feel that the ear has accumulated too muchA lot of sulfur, try to clean it with oil. Put a cotton swab soaked in oil in the ear canal for 10-20 minutes. For prevention it is good to do this procedure once a week. Tilt your head to the side and gently slap on the ear, this will speed up the release of stagnant sulfur.
  4. Cotton wool in the ear

  5. Visit the doctor
    Of course, a specialist is needed from time to timeAnd your ears. Let the doctor see if everything is in order with your hearing organs and sometimes conduct some simple manipulations - flushes the ear canal, removes sulfur plugs. Do not deal with their removal at home, because you can seriously harm yourself for inability.
  6. Cheerful doctor

  7. Use secure headphones
    So that your hearing remains sensitive, and your ears -Clean, use less earphones, which penetrate deeply into the auricle. This is a foreign object that irritates the ear, causes it to produce more earwax and dulls the ear. It is better to buy headphones that need to be worn on the outer ear, they are much safer, or alternate the use of both headphones.
  8. Secure headphones

Be careful of hearing from a young age! Careful for the ears, do not forget about them. Yours Ears Will be very grateful for such care - doctors will not have to go.

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