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How to use vinegar

Vinegar can be used not only in cooking. Also it is useful in the household. First, of course, there is a little bit of a pungent smell, but after a while it disappears. But vinegar is absolutely Safe remedy.

Give you some tips on how to use Vinegar in the home. But even this list can be continued indefinitely ...

Application of vinegar

  1. Instead of cleaning and detergents
    Such a multifunctional tool can be created by filling an aerosol dispenser with a mixture of 1/3 of vinegar and 2/3 of water, add a syringe of dishwashing liquid there.
  2. To remove the scale
    Vinegar with water will perfectly remove the scum from yourKettle or coffee maker. Boil a container with this liquid and let it brew for several hours. It is also necessary to rinse the kettle with clean water.
  3. If the sink is plugged
    If the house is plagued by a sink, boil a little vinegar, pour it into the sewer and leave it for 10 minutes. Then wash with warm water. If the first time did not help, repeat again.
  4. To prevent the formation of ice
    When you unfreeze the refrigerator, wipe the walls with water and vinegar.
    Ice in the refrigerator
  5. Clean the mold in the breadbox
    Every 1-2 weeks, wipe the breadbasket with water and vinegar. You will forget about mold, and bread will always remain fresh.
  6. When cooking eggs
    Add a little vinegar to the water - and the shell will not crack.
    Funny egg
  7. For washing windows
    Wipe the glasses with a mixture of vinegar and water. Then rinse again with water and a dry cloth. The glass will shine with purity.
    The girl washes the window
  8. To remove an unpleasant smell
    Vinegar will remove all the unpleasant smells in your apartment, if you leave a container with vinegar and water in the room. So it is with a refrigerator.
  9. for flowers
    So that fresh flowers last longer, add a little vinegar and sugar to the vase with water.
  10. For cleaning a dirty pan
    If the frying pan or saucepan does not clean, pour a glass of water and a glass of vinegar inside and put it on the fire for 5 minutes.
    Boiling water in kastul
  11. To remove rust
    Rusty metal objects, such as a sickle, will help clear vinegar. Put them in a bowl with vinegar for the night, and next day, clean it.
  12. To remove an unpleasant smell from shoes
    Wipe the shoes with a cloth dampened in vinegar.
    Dirty sneakers
  13. New life of withered felt-tip pens
    To give the dried felt-tip pen a second life, add a few drops of vinegar.

A few more uses of vinegar are shown in this video.

Vinegar is simply an irreplaceable thing in Household, You yourself see that it can be used for very diverse purposes.

Tell your friends about the very unexpected ways of using vinegar!