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How to clean mushrooms

Cleaning mushrooms is a whole art. Except that you need to have patience for this monotonous debilitating occupation, it is also necessary to do it right! Otherwise, there is a risk that mushrooms will lose their taste Improper cleaning. And the worst option is poisoning with poorly cleaned mushrooms.

See how you can quickly and effectively cope with the Cleaning mushrooms. There is nothing complicated, the main thing is to do everything step by step.

How to clean mushrooms

  1. Mushrooms perfectly absorb water and, likeConsequence, lose juiciness, becoming watery and tasteless. Hold the mushrooms for a few seconds under running water, and then quickly dip the towel. So you will wash the mushrooms at the same time and preserve their rich taste.
  2. Mushrooms


  3. Do not forget to cut off the tip of the leg. Remember, the longer the mushroom is in the refrigerator, the more you have to cut. No matter how hard you try to cook the mushroom, the dried flabby tissue will not improve in any case.
  4. Cleaning mushrooms

  5. Attention! The skirt on the stem of the fungus is absolutely harmless and quite suitable for use. If you want - leave, but you can cut it - it all depends on your aesthetic tastes. If you need to hurry, leaving the rest of the mushroom skirt will save your time.
  6. Mushrooms in the water

  7. If the mushroom has a big hat (as a rule,The fungus should be more than 5 cm), then it should be cleaned. Knock the film at the edge of the cap and pull to the center. Thus, it is possible to remove the film from the entire cap. In small mushrooms the film is thin, so it is not necessary to clean it.
  8. Cleaning mushrooms

  9. Some mushroom pickers remove the brown plates at the bottom of the cap, and very vain. Remember that they give the mushroom a piquant taste.
  10. Chopped mushrooms and onions

But here is a great informative video about how you can clean mushrooms at an unprecedented speed. Look and learn!

Mushrooms - very nutritious and delicious product. You'll remember these tips when it's time to clean the mushrooms for New Year's salads, for example. Let the kitchen trouble be to your joy!

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