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Useful houseplants

The custom of decorating rooms with plants is known fromMost ancient times. In addition to the aesthetic function that domestic greenhouses have successfully performed, other useful properties have always been known, thanks to which Grow at home Such beauty has become a good tradition.

The fact is that some house plantsHave a beneficial effect on indoor air quality, cleaning and flavoring it. Modern interior designers also use plants not only to decorate rooms, but also to improve the air environment in them.

Air cleaners, of course, clean andDisinfect the air in the premises, but they are not yet able to make it useful for health. But green plants release into the air volatile substances, which even in small concentrations can not only Purify the air From harmful microorganisms, but also to improve people's health.

Plants for air purification

  1. Sansevieria
    As this plant is called in the people, teschin language. This indoor plant is one of the most effective for air purification. It is able to filter and make harmless formaldehydes, which are part of many cleaning products used by us in everyday life.
  2. Sansevieria

  3. Ficus
    This very common plant filters out many contaminants such as formaldehyde, which is found in carpets and furniture, and also trichlorethylene and benzene.
  4. Ficus

  5. Chrysanthemums
    Filter benzene, usually present in glue, paints, in plastic and detergents.
  6. Chrysanthemums

  7. aloe
    This plant, belonging to the family of succulents, is very unpretentious when grown. It can also prove to be a reliable ally in the fight against formaldehyde and benzene.
  8. aloe

  9. dracaena
    Dracaena is able to fight with contaminants contained in oils and varnishes.
  10. dracaena

  11. Scindapsus
    Scindapsus is amazing with its cleansing properties. It is even able to absorb formaldehyde from exhaust gases, so it can be kept in a warm garage.
  12. Scindapsus

  13. gerbera
    The gerbera is a flowering plant, ideal forRemoval of trichlorethylene, often present in clothing. Put it in a room with a wardrobe or in the bedroom, but keep in mind: gerbera requires a lot of light. At night it is better to remove it from the room where you sleep, at night this plant very actively absorbs oxygen.
  14. gerbera

  15. Kalanchoe
    Kalanchoe not only can decorate the room, but alsoIt is able to purify the air of formaldehyde. Its sources in apartments and offices: tobacco smoke, gas stoves, some aerosols, gels and aroma-waxes, carpeting ... in the row of filter plants, the Kalanchoe does not occupy the most prominent place, but this feature is more than offset by enviable unpretentiousness and undemanding conditions of cultivation.
  16. Kalanchoe

  17. Spathiphyllum
    Fights perfectly with the most common volatile organic compounds, such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichlorethylene, but is also effective with toluenes and xylenes.
  18. Spathiphyllum

  19. Chlorophytum
    Due to its thick foliage and white flowers, the plant is able to filter benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and xylene.
  20. Chlorophytum

Did you like the list of these nursing plants? these houseplants Are very well known, perhaps, some already growYou at home, please the eye and refresh the air. Replenish your home green corner with new representatives of the flora, so you will take care of the health of all who live with you. And about his, of course.

Tell your friends about these plants that work by filtering the air. Let them inspire them to create a green oasis at home!