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How to maintain the purity of the house

In order that in your house cleanliness always reigned, it is enough simply to execute a number Certain rules. This may seem surprising, butIt is really clean where they constantly monitor cleanliness. Every day, little by little, and do not arrange one general cleaning once a week, all the rest of the time in no way caring about the order.

Check out these Useful adviceInvented by inventive masters forIn order to always enjoy your clean, clean home. Maybe some of them will suit you! But nobody knows your house better than you - be inspired by these ideas and think up clever tricks that will unconditionally work in your dwelling.

How to maintain the purity of the house

  1. How to reduce the amount of dust on the cement floor?
    In some business premises, oftenMake a cement floor. It is incredibly attracting dust, it must be constantly swept. To avoid this, you need to paint the cement floor with a special paint. Dust will be a thousand times less, it will not be carried everywhere.
  2. How to avoid long, tedious cleaning?
    Place detergents and cloths in differentPlaces throughout the house. A special set for the kitchen, napkins in the living room, a detergent for the bathroom. They will always be at hand, with the slightest sign of pollution you will quickly cope with them, and cases during the spring cleaning will be much less.
  3. How to avoid contamination of a large outdoor carpet?
    The secret is in front of a large carpetArrange a few small, quickly cleaned. All the dirt will be collected on them, a large carpet will last longer to remain clean - dry cleaning once a season will be quite enough.
  4. What to do to ensure that the corridor is always clean?
    If you do not have a special locker for shoes - get it, this thing is worth it. The amount of dirt near the entrance doors will diminish noticeably.
  5. How to keep things in their places?
    The main rule is not to transfer things from the room to theRoom. If these are toys - they should only be in the nursery, books - only in the living room, the technique - in a special place. Try to use this advice and take the result.
  6. How to keep order on the dining table?
    When people come into the house, there is often a temptationArrange all the things brought on a large table in the living room. So that a dump does not form there, you must always keep the cutlery placed on this table. Incredibly aesthetic, and no confusion!
  7. How to keep the plinth clean?
    So that dust does not accumulate on the baseboards, rinse them not just with water - add some antistatic. It will repel the dust, in the house it can not accumulate so much.
  8. What to do if the dog lives at home?
    Inevitably a large number of wool everywhere, ifYou have a dog at home. There is a way out: you need to comb it out more than once a week, and every day, and preferably outside the house. The effect is impressive! Wool as it has not happened.
  9. How to make the children clean up after themselves?
    Turn baby cleaning into a game, of course. Turn on the merry music, let the child sing, dance and have fun while cleaning. You can not turn this case into hard labor - so you will destroy the child's desire for cleanliness at the root. But to encourage prizes after cleaning - very right! Than at an earlier age the child learns to clean, for example, first the toys for failure, the cleaner it will be in his house already in adulthood.
  10. How to get rid of laziness to vacuum at home?
    It all depends on your vacuum cleaner. If it is cumbersome, you do not feel comfortable working with it - it is clear that you can vacuum it again - it's a heavenly punishment. Now there are a lot of very mobile options, for example, the vacuum cleaner is simple in the form of a stick, very light, it will travel to every corner. It and similar light units can be put in order in a couple of minutes everywhere, though every evening it is done, spending a minimum of effort.
  11. How not to lose and not to confuse socks?
    Dirty socks should be folded in pairs immediately into special bags for washing. And no problem!
  12. What to do if the curtains are difficult to vacuum and they quickly become dirty?
    Buy new curtains that can easily be washed inWashing machine. This will save you a lot of time and energy, in addition, there are very nice fabrics that stand the laundry, but look - wonderful.
  13. How to explain to the child that he did not touch anything with dirty hands?
    Sticky stains from children's hands - an eternal trouble. After the child has eaten or painted, say some funny command to remind the kid that now it is better not to touch anything. For example, "hands up!". There will be no more dirty tablecloths and no more furniture.


Enjoy these tips to all the home for joy! purity - it's so nice, if it's clean around you, then your thoughts are pure. With such advice, it will be much easier for you to maintain order in your home.

Tell your friends about tricky tricks that will give home a cleanliness. Spend a lot of time cleaning is not necessary, it is better to spend it on friends.