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11 infographic about food

Who does not like infographics? She fascinates anyone, giving information concisely, simply, and in this case - also colorful.

Admire these pictures, for sure many will open to you information that you previously did not suspect. I was most impressed Infographic About cheese, but what did you like?

Information about food

  1. The amount of sugar in different foods.
    Infographics sugar
  2. Different types of coffee.
    Infographics types of coffee
  3. Variations on the compatibility of pizza and wine.
    Infographics of pizza and wine
  4. How do 200 kilocalories look in different products?
    Infographics of kilocalories
  5. Kinds of different cheeses.
    Infographics cheeses
  6. What products are useful for certain human organs.
  7. What is pasta and its varieties.
    Types of pasta
  8. An expanded wine list.
    wine map
  9. How to make a low-calorie cake? very easy!
    Low-calorie cake
  10. Harmonious pairs: beer and food.
    Beer and food
  11. Make tea by the rules.
    How to make tea

Did you like this information? Some of these infographics and the truth always want to have at hand, for example, about beer and different foods - it's brilliant!

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