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Sites for budget travel

travel I want everything, but not always for this there is an opportunity. Finance is a delicate business, travelers know that for a successful trip you usually need to save an impressive amount.

What to do to those who can not do itDo? You can, of course, ride a hitchhiking and embark on dubious adventures, but the article is not about that. It turns out that the Internet has a lot of resources to help travelers With small capital. Here are these useful pages, take them for a note - and you're already on the road!

Sites for travelers

  1. Tickets for the plane - pleasant troubles
    Aviasales.ru is a very convenient website for finding profitable tickets, with a set of interesting features - for example, you can find the lowest prices for tickets by date or by direction.

    Onetwotrip.Ru is an informative and understandable service where you can buy the most profitable tickets of major airlines and low-costers. An additional plus - a bonus account, to which interest is transferred from the purchase of tickets.

  2. aircraft

  3. Trains, buses, cars
    Raileurope.Com - trains are one of the most effective ways to move inside the country, and in the case of Europe - and from country to country. Do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to get quickly and inexpensively from point a to point b.

    Rome2rio.com - if you do not plan to limit yourself to European countries and trains, here you can see other options - ferries and buses, for example. There is a Russian version of the site.

    Autoeurope.Com - service for finding the best option for renting a car in Europe. A classic and very convenient way to navigate, great for companies: a car and gasoline, divided into four - a much more advantageous option than one. The main thing is to agree on a route.

  4. Railway

  5. Perfect trip
    Tripomatic.com - on this site you will find detailed maps of interesting places, with photos. It is here that you can easily create the route of your grandiose journey.

    Tripster.Ru - a community of travelers, where you can prepare for a trip to the chosen country, find a guide and just find out something. Where to go, where to eat, how to navigate at the airport - a wonderful collection of recommendations concerning different countries.

  6. Camera and map

  7. Home search
    Apartmentsapart.com - convenient service for searching and booking apartments all over the world. Nothing superfluous, everything is clear and convenient.

    Holidaypad.Net - extraordinary options for housing: a tree house in Tanzania, a shepherd's cabin in Nebraska and even a hotel room located in the most real passenger liner in the jungles of Costa Rica. There is where to fool around fantasies, to be honest. For desperate travelers.

    Hostelworld.com - a convenient site for searching and booking places in hostels worldwide. Budget and often very comfortable - the hostels have long become part of the travel culture.

    Couchsurfing.Com is a popular service where you can find suggestions for hospitable locals. Free, for a fee or for help with the house, for example, you can stay with a fan of this site. If you are not averse to walking a dog in the morning or going to the grocery store for food as a payment for accommodation - you can find there an excellent and very budget option.

  8. The man is standing by the car

  9. Determine the course of travel
    Drungli.Com - if you know where you want to go, but do not know what time to choose. Or, conversely, you want to go now, as soon as possible, and not so much where. The site will offer you the most inexpensive variants of flight and hotels at the moment.

    Lastminute.Com is a unique service where you can find almost everything "burning" - from plane tickets to promotions in restaurants. Often these are the most affordable options. If you are a man of action and capable of a spontaneous decision - you will like this site.

    Travelocity.Com - an excellent site for those who like to thoroughly prepare for the trip, read the stories and advice of experienced travelers. Also on the site you can buy a ready-made tour, which is best for you.

  10. suspension bridge

  11. Pack up your suitcase!
    Dontforgetyourtoothbrush.com - a genius site with which you will not forget anything. Helps to gather even the most unlucky rasterjashkam!
  12. Family of travelers

Now your journey will definitely pass perfectly! Be inspired by these Resources, And forward to the dream. It's so cool periodically to change the surrounding reality, moving and admiring new places. This is an invaluable life experience that nothing will replace you.

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