/ How to remove papillomas

How to remove papillomas

Papillomas on the skin Are benign neoplasms,Caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). They are more of a cosmetic problem than a medical one. To remove them is actually quite simple. The procedure can be done even at home!

Arc Willan, a New York City practitioner, offers a very simple solution to this problem. He advises To use apple cider vinegar.

How to remove papillomas

A bit of apple cider vinegar on a cotton swabOr on a clean towel and moisten the papilloma three times a day. In a couple of days you will see how the papilloma will change color. Do the procedure for a few weeks until the tumor is gone.

Vinegar and towel

"To make the procedure more safe, dilute the vinegar with a small amount of water before processing the papilloma", - advises Dr. Arc Willlen.

Many people are afraid of treatment folkMeans. Because in the process of removing the papilloma it is possible to injure her without removing the pathogenic cells to the end. Consequences of such trouble can be terrible, up to Skin cancer!!

Because in particularly difficult cases, in order not to take risks, it is better to use complex depressing means. They are recommended by leading doctors to remove warts and papillomas at home.

It is worth noting that among many other folk methods Apple vinegar Showed the most successful results in the fight against papillomas. Share this good news with your friends!