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Mental development of the child

If there was a way that your child started It is better to study at school, You would have used it, right? Believe it or not, this method does exist. And it's probably easier than you imagine. What's the secret? Talk to your child.

Studies show that children needSomething else, besides interactive toys and car seats, to get a good start to their mental, emotional and physical development. They need words: songs, books, lullabies, stories for the night or just ordinary chatter. Conversations with the child not only develop his speech, but also generally develop him mental capacity.

Children and parents

Every time you talk to a child, neural connections are strengthened in his Fast-growing brain. Interestingly, the flow of speech from the radio, TV or from the phone will not have such an effect. You need live communication.

Tips for parents of preschool children

  1. Surround your child Books since birth. Books should be near his crib, in the car and even in the bathroom. And be sure to read them to your child every day.
  2. During a conversation with a child, use Facial expressions and gesturesTo help him catch the meaning of your words and phrases.
  3. Use new Interesting words. Children better understand the meaning of new words, if they are spoken in context.
  4. Sing and read poetryTo playfully introduce vocabulary and intonation.
  5. Talk to the baby, ask him Issues, Do Comments, Invite other children to share their ideas and thoughts.
  6. Visit together Libraries and bookstores. There are often children's playgrounds where children read books or tell various stories. So your child can love books.
  7. Do not turn it on TV, It has a bad effect on children and their mental activities.

Make your child more Service. Help him to love books and fellowship. Develop his mental faculties and thinking. Years later, he will appreciate your efforts.

Share with your friends these tips, because they probably also have children!