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How to write emails

If you want to reach a certain person, you need to take appropriate measures to ensure that your message Was read and correctly received. When we talk, it is much easier to do it with the help of intonation, gaze, gestures.

But what about e-mails that now constitute such a huge layer of communication between people? Read these helpful tips, they will help you guide Electronic correspondence With such skill that even the busiest person will necessarily answer your message and remember it!

How to write emails

  1. nothing extra
    In business is the term "presentation for the elevator." He describes the situation when an entrepreneur accidentally meets with an investor in an elevator and he has very little time to give an investor an idea, telling about the most important thing, because when the elevator stops, the investor will leave. No superfluous information, epithets, water in the letter should not be! Only the most important thing is the squeezing of thoughts.
  2. Transparent goal
    Be polite and tactful, but try to move as quickly as possible to the purpose of your letter. It should immediately be understood by the addressee.
  3. Denote the benefit
    The world does not revolve around you! For the addressee, his interests are primarily important. If you need something, say what, and then why it will be beneficial to the recipient of the letter. Busy people are sometimes ready to help free of charge, but if you can give something in return, then your chances will increase.
  4. Format letter
    Do not send the wall of the text. Use spaces between paragraphs. When the visual letter looks good, you want to read it, and vice versa - the solid text does not cause enthusiasm, right?
  5. Woman writing a message

  6. Use numbers
    Respond to structured emails muchconvenient. If there is a letter where the main ideas are divided into paragraphs, it is easier to answer each item separately. The easier it is to answer a letter, the more likely it is that you will still be answered.
  7. Send again
    I also use this trick. If you did not receive a reply to the letter, copy it and send it again. Do not add additional text there, do not ask if the recipient received the previous letter. Just send the same.
  8. Do not send press releases
    Do not immediately attach to your letter your project, it does not need the addressee. First wait for an answer, and then send additional information and files.
  9. Ask questions gradually
    Divide your questions into several parts, and,Consequently, several letters. Ask them gradually, first wait for an answer, after - there was a letter with new questions. So you show the person that you know how to appreciate his time, he will answer you more willingly.
  10. No jargon
    Avoid narrowly specialized words, which the addressee may not know. In such words, you can cause the addressee to not want to continue the correspondence.
  11. Be funny
    Come to writing the letter creatively, with humor. If the recipient is interested in reading it, you will support the information in the letter with a beneficial emotional background, and your chances of success will increase significantly.

Let your letters never go unanswered! This article will help achieve the desired result and grab the attention of the recipient of the letter.

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