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Brain training

Sad truth: if you do not train the brain every day, he can forget how to think. It's a fact - without loads our brain grows old, grows old, does not want to fulfill the usual Mental operations. Like muscles that dry up, if you quit training, without charging your mind fades by leaps and bounds.

But if there are loads, the gray cells grow in the literal sense of the word. Scientists describe this process as follows: new synapses are formed between neurons, cortex Thicker and more sinuous, new capillaries grow into the substance of the brain, axons lead faster nerve signals, functional connections between individual structures of the brain become more complicated.

Neurobic Are simple and very fun exercises forBrain, which will help you to keep the clarity of the mind and even develop a number of remarkable abilities. Try to launch a craving for everything unusual at every free moment, doing household duties, on the way to work and to the store, sitting in front of the TV or at the computer.

Do exercises fun, with passion - the brain really likes emotions.

Exercises for the brain

  1. Include in the work of the left hand (or right, if youLeft-hander). Try it by brushing your teeth, buttoning up your blouse, eating soup, typing on your computer keyboard and writing letters. Why do this? The activation of the motor cortex is transferred from the left hemisphere of the brain to the right, which has a beneficial effect on creativity and non-standard thinking. Become a creative person, finally!
  2. Experience new feelings, develop new onesAbility: move around your own apartment, which you know well or take a shower with your eyes closed. Try to feel the dignity of the coin lying in your pocket. Agree with your family to communicate all day only in sign language.

    Why do this? "The new sensory areas of the brain, which are usually little used or do not work at all, are" heated "to the limit, which is also a good gymnastics for neurons throughout the brain. Boldly experiment with the perception of this world, and you will notice a lot of new things around!

  3. Do not be afraid to change your usual image. Wear new unusual clothes, try a new make-up, experiment with the color of hair and hair. People feel different in different ways, trying on a new image (remember at least the "jacket effect" for a man or "hairpin" for a woman!). Be different, and life will become noticeably brighter!
  4. Exercises for the brain

  5. Go and go to work with new routes, evenIf the unusual road will be longer. More often travel, every vacation try to spend in a new place, go to museums and exhibitions. Thus developing spatial memory and even increasing the size of the hippocampus, according to recent studies by physiologists. New impressions nourish the brain, like manna from heaven.
  6. Often change the interior of the house and at work,Weekly rearrange things in the apartment, change the places of kitchen utensils, try to cook according to overseas recipes, buy new perfumes. A few minutes walk around the apartment, putting on his right foot a shoe on his heel, and on the left - a sneaker. Habits tire the brain, and the novelty stimulates the sensory inputs of the brain, makes life more vivid, memorable.
  7. Exercises for the brain

  8. Learn to respond nontrivially to podnadoevshieQuestions like "how are you?", "What's new?", Think up new phrases every time - give up stereotypes, remember jokes, invent new jokes, entertaining stories and be sure to flip them in conversation. If you approach everything you say creatively from different sides, then you stimulate the memory and the center of speech in the brain - the left temporal region of the zones of the vertebra and the brooch.
  9. Exercises for the brain

Be always in good shape! This applies to your body and brain. Our body is an amazing system, but it often responds to your Aspiration to become better At once. Try these exercises - and the result will not take long. It is a path to the knowledge of the world through creativity. Perhaps, it will make you feel more happy, confident, thinking person.

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