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How to remove stains

Sometimes on clothes there are spots, which are very difficult to handle. For example, the stains of wine remaining after the celebration, it is difficult to bring out ordinary household chemicals ...

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How to remove stains from clothes

  1. grass
    Wipe the fresh spots with cologne. If the stain is old, treat it with a mixture of 30 ml of cologne and 10 ml of ammonia.
  2. grass

  3. sweat
    If it's cotton, use wine vinegar. If the stains on the silk, wipe them with a solution of alcohol. Add 1 tbsp. Spoon of vinegar or alcohol for 1 glass of water.
  4. Sweaty man

  5. hair dye
    To remove such spots it is necessary to mix hydrogen peroxide with an equal amount of ammonia. With a cloth or sponge.
    Different hair colors

  6. Greasy stains on carpets
    Mix the gasoline with the detergent powder to get the gruel. Carefully rub it into the stain and leave it for 7 hours. Then remove hot water. If the stain is old, the procedure will have to be repeated.
  7. Carpet cleaning

  8. gouache
    Washing powder should be diluted in cold water. Soak a stain for several hours. Then dry the thing and brush it off.
  9. gouache

  10. blood
    Do not try to soak a cloth with stained blood in hot water! It is necessary to use only cold, and after that wash with household soap.
  11. Blood on the shirt

  12. iodine
    Clean the stain with ammonia.
  13. Iodine on the shirt

  14. glue
    The liquid for clearing of a varnish well helps or assists, but without acetone.
  15. Glue on fabric

  16. gum
    Put the thing in the freezer, but by no means three before this chewing gum.
  17. Chewing gum on a T-shirt

  18. chocolate
    Pour water into the basin and add salt at the rate of 1 tbsp. L. Per liter of water and wash in this solution clothes with a stain.
  19. lots of chocolate

  20. vegetable oil
    It is necessary to sprinkle a stain with tooth powder and leave for 2-3 hours. Then remove the powder with a brush.
  21. vegetable oil

  22. Red wine
    A fresh stain can be removed with hot water. Stretch the fabric over the pots and drain the hot water directly onto it.
  23. Red wine on fabric

  24. Milk and stains from soup on silk and wool
    Make a solution of ammonia, apple cider vinegar and salt in a ratio of 4: 4: 1. Drain the stain in it and rinse. When the fabric dries, iron it from the wrong side.
  25. a glass of milk

  26. juice
    Mix 1 tsp. Hydrogen peroxide and half a cup of water. Wipe this solution with a stain, and then rinse with cold water.
  27. Oranges and juice

  28. lipstick
    A mound on the stain of a borax (it is sold in a pharmacy). Then brush off the drill with a brush or a rag. Wipe the cloth in a soapy solution and rinse thoroughly.
  29. Lipstick on the shirt

  30. Canned goods
    It is necessary to sprinkle the stain with tooth powder or crushed soap and leave it overnight.
  31. a lot of

  32. wax
    Scrape off the wax from the fabric and put a wet rag on the stain. From above put a few more layers of blotter. Then iron with a hot iron. Blot the blotter until the stain disappears.
  33. Wax on fabric

Now you will be intrepid even the most Hard-to-remove stains. You will cope with stains from blood or grass and you will be able to prolong the life of your favorite clothes, and not carry her scent on the trash.

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