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Strengthening of energy

Each person has his own Power engineering. This word denotes the energy that is contained within the personality, and also - the energy that the person radiates, gives to the outside world.

So that your life goes well, energy must be at a high level, the energy reserve inside must be high enough, and the energy that you give is positive. Then comes harmony, All things are going well, and your state of health is approaching the mark of true bliss.

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These ways to enhance their personal energyOperate reliably. Any person with the help of such actions and attitudes in his life can be filled with life-giving energy and inspiration to do good. Do you think that such strange terms as energy are far from you and it's not your way at all?

practice Development of spirituality Happens every day with you, in fact. Every day you are faced with the choice - to do good or to bear a negative, in the end - you reap the fruits of your activity.

Energy development Can be compared with a very tasty pie. You know that inside there is a filling, the appearance of the patty seems to you quite tolerable. You can think a long time about this filling, but until you try it - do not know the taste, do not know what pleasure - there is this patty. Get acquainted with these ways of enhancing energy, perhaps your soul will be drawn to one of them.

How to improve energy

  1. starvation.
  2. breathing exercises.
  3. privacy.
  4. A vow of silence for a certain time.
  5. Walk along the seashore, along the mountains. Contemplation of beautiful landscapes of nature.
  6. Unselfish and bright creativity.
  7. The praise of a worthy personality for sublime qualities and deeds.
  8. Smile, joy, laughter from the heart.
  9. Help someone.
  10. modesty.
  11. prayer.
  12. The right food, full of life energy - natural cereals, cereals, melted butter, fruits, vegetables.
  13. Sleep between ten in the evening and two in the morning - so that the nervous system fully rests and recovers. it is very important.
  14. Massage, which makes you a harmonious person. Self-massage.
  15. Dousing with cold water.
  16. The sacrifice of one's personal time for the benefit of another person. Time is a jewel for each of us.
  17. Acceptance of injustice with the understanding that this test is sent for your own good.

This list can continue and continue. There are so many ways of self-development and filling oneself with a beneficial Vital energy.

Think about it, if something goes wrong in your life,Perhaps you need to develop your spirituality? Maybe, in this the problem of our mundane, material world is that we all so often forget about something higher, subtle? Sincerely answer to yourself the question of whether you would like to become better, hear the answer within yourself.

A person reaches for good, each of us has a positive side, and there is no reason to develop it.

Be energetically strong and balanced person. Share with your loved ones this article, let more people think about their spirituality.