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20 kitchen lifes

These wonderful tips so diversify yourLife in the kitchen, that cooking food will be a huge pleasure. It is worth trying only once to do something about these recommendations in the pictures, and you'll be repeating it all the time.

The kitchen will become a paradise for you, where you can realize all your creative impulses. Look at the pictures and learn these valuable skills! Work in the kitchen From now on ceases to be a punishment for you.

Excellent kitchen lifes

  1. Make a light cheese bread with already baked bread.
  2. Cheese bread

  3. An interesting breakfast, is not it?
  4. Breakfast of eggs

  5. Lemon flowers - it's wonderful!
  6. Slicing lemons

  7. Idea for banana dessert.
  8. Banana dessert

  9. That's how easily you can cut an apple and potatoes.
  10. Slicing

  11. No sticky hands from the Eskimo!
  12. ice cream

  13. A hot, sharp knife will do fine with ice cream sandwiches.
  14. A sandwich with ice cream

  15. An unusual hamburger with an egg will give you true bliss ...
  16. hamburger

  17. Light snack - salad inside snack.
  18. Light snack

  19. Incredibly simple, but such a beautiful cake! Is done in two counts.
  20. Beautiful cake

  21. Pancakes with ham. Did you do so? This is delicious…
  22. Pancakes with ham

  23. With the help of clothespins, disobedient sticks are fastened together so that it is convenient to eat even the inept.
  24. Chinese chopsticks

  25. A cheap hanger turns into a convenient clip for different packages.
  26. Hanger-clip

  27. The strawberry is cleaned in one motion.
  28. How to clean strawberries

  29. Protection from bees. Looks cute!
  30. glass

  31. Fantasy with balloons and chocolate.
  32. Chocolate vase

  33. Electric knife cleans corn instantly.
  34. Electric knife cleans corn

  35. A new way of cleaning oranges.
  36. How to clean oranges

  37. Wet your hands so that there are no problems with the eggshell crumbs. The baby will stick to the wet finger.
  38. egg

  39. A heavenly dish, just admire ...
  40. Rolls with bacon

I'm delighted with these original ideas! How much all the unknown is in the kitchen world, I want to constantly learn something new. So the number of small joys in life is significantly increased, and this is wonderful.

If you were inspired by this post, show it to your friends. Kitchen - a paradise for creativity!