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Command for Windows

Use commands when working with Windows - it is very convenient. It's a pity that not all ordinary users know about this. But you have a chance to simplify your daily work at the computer.

Using the provided teams, you will not only save your time, but you will also work much more efficiently! Choose the items that you can use most of all and use your health.

First you need to go to Command line As follows: start - all programs - standard - execute. You will see the following window:

Windows window

Then you just enter into this window the command you need.

Appwiz.cpl - remove programs
Calc - calculator
Charmap - symbol table
Chkdsk - utility for checking disks
Cleanmgr - Disk Cleanup Utility
Cmd - command line
Compmgmt.msc - computer management
Control - Control Panel
Control admintools - administration
Control desktop - Screen settings / Personalization
Control folders - folder properties
Control fonts - fonts
Control keyboard - keyboard properties
Control mouse - mouse properties
Control printers - devices and printers
Control schedtasks - task Scheduler
Desk.cpl - screen resolution
Devmgmt.msc - device Manager
Dfrgui - defragmenting disks
Diskmgmt.msc - disk management
Dxdiag - diagnostic tools directx
Eventvwr.msc - viewing events
Explorer - windows explorer
Firefox - firefox browser
Firewall.cpl - firewall windows
Iexplore - internet explorer
Inetcpl.cpl - internet explorer browser properties
Logoff - sign out of the windows user account
Magnify - magnifier (magnifying glass)
Main.cpl - mouse properties
Migwiz - Windows data migration tool
Mmsys.cpl - sound settings
Mrt - malicious software removal tool
Msconfig - system configuration
Msinfo32 - information about the system
Mspaint - graphic paint editor
Ncpa.cpl - network connections
Notepad - notepad
Osk - screen keyboard
Perfmon - system monitor
Powercfg.cpl - power supply
Prs - a means of recording actions to reproduce problems
Regedit - Registry Editor
Rrr - quick start reg organizer
Shutdown - shutting down windows
Sysdm.cpl - properties of the system
Syskey - protection of windows accounts
Taskmgr - Task Manager
Timedate.cpl - setting the date and time
Utilman - Accessibility Center
Verifier - Driver Verifier Manager
Wab - address book windows
Winver - windows version
Wmplayer - player windows media player
Write - wordpad editor
Wscui.cpl - support Center

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