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8 Tips for Marriage

Find love and keep it for life - it's not an easy task. It does not matter how strong your feelings are, Keep marriage Sometimes it is very difficult.

You probably already know that a harmonious sex life, trust and empathy are indispensable conditions for preserving relations. But there are some more unexpected scientific facts, knowing about which you can make your marriage more successful.

These 8 tips will help to keep love for many years!

How to save a marriage

  1. Save on wedding

    We are used to celebrating the wedding magnificentlyAnd in a big way. But scientists do not advise it, as the results of their polls show that couples who spent less money for a wedding stayed together much longer than those who sent out huge sums for the celebration.

  2. Communicate online
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    Specialists in the psychology of relations argue,That couples who communicate with each other on the Internet, the level of divorce is much lower than those who do not. Also such couples have a higher level of satisfaction with relationships. Pretty good reason to add a wife to friends on facebook or vkontakte.

  3. Do not live online
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    Communicate on the Internet from time to time - goodIdea, but you do not need to reduce to this all your joint pastime. In 2014, researchers at Boston University conducted research that showed that the frequent use of social networks reduces the level of satisfaction with marriage.

  4. Watch movies together
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    Another study conducted by psychologists,Shows that couples who regularly watch movies together, retain a longer and harmonious relationship. The thing is that when discussing and pondering what is happening on the screen, they can safely express their views and thoughts about the relationship, having learned the opinion of the partner.

  5. Answer annoying distracting comments
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    Known psychologist John Gottman argues that,When a partner interrupts your reading, watching a movie or working with stupid phrases or asking to see a picture on the Internet, it is very important to remain calm and react positively to it. Because your behavior in such situations directly affects the quality and duration of your relationship.

    The studies of Hottmann showed that couples,Who maintained a long relationship, drew attention to the distracting phrases of his partner in nine out of ten cases. And those that soon got divorced - just three times out of ten.

  6. Use the word "we" during quarrels
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    "I love you" is a good option, but "we loveUs "is many times better. Studies by scientists at the University of California at Berkeley showed that couples who use the words "we" and "us" are able to get out of conflict situations more efficiently and with less loss than those that use the pronouns "I" and "you."

  7. Elevate your partner on a pedestal
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    Treat the partner as an unearthly being -One of the conditions that helps make a marriage truly happy. Specialists from the University of Buffalo came to the conclusion that there is a direct link between living in a happy marriage and looking at your partner with shining eyes.

    They conducted a survey of 222 married couples, and those fromThose who spoke positively about their second half, perhaps, somewhere exaggerating her personal qualities, maintained excellent relations for a longer period of time.

  8. Do what both like
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    Many know that joint pastime is the guarantee of a strong relationship. In fact, this statement only works if the things that you do bring pleasure to both partners.

    If you will involve your soul mate inClasses that she does not like, you are very much in danger of spoiling the relationship. So it's better to do something to one and save the marriage, and also share with your partner only the hobby that he likes too.

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