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How to put things right in the closet

Take advantage of these wonderful tips - and you will not have to look for anything else! Order in the closet It is easy to arrange, the main thing is to have a desire. The more that clever, resourceful designers have already tried for you and came up with the most convenient ways of storing things.

Now Cleaning in the closet Becomes a rarity. Everything will always be in place!

How to clean in a closet

  1. Stickers on cabinets and drawers will help to maintain a child's cheerful order.
    Things in the closet
  2. A rack for bags will free up space for a few more things.
    Rack for bags
  3. Store so boots and comfortable, and beautiful.
    Boots in the closet
  4. A duvet cover and a sheet fold in a pillowcase. So the bed sets will be in perfect order!
    Bed sets
  5. From the pvc pipes, excellent shelves for different shoes are obtained.
    Round shelves for shoes
  6. The original way to store towels.
    Storage of towels
  7. But this way you can add scarves. How much easier it will be to choose the right one!
    Storage of scarves
  8. Hangers for shoes looks very nice. But how much space you save!
    Hangers for shoes
  9. A can opener from a tin can help you make two hangers instead of one. Twice as many things, imagine ...
  10. So the laundry will always be ordered. Looks charming!
  11. The ordinary staircase turns into an intricate additional hanger.
  12. Decorations on the tablets will be in sight and not get confused.
    Decorations on tablets
  13. Towel rails are also good for jewelry.
  14. Folding chair - another example of an unusual hanger.
    Folding chair on the wall
  15. A hanger for single socks! Let the poor man depend here, until he finds his pair.
    Hanging socks
  16. If they wind the hangers with colored threads, they will please the eye. And the clothes will no longer fall from the hangers and grow ugly!
    Threaded hangers
  17. Well fix things on the hanger and gum.
    Rubber bands on hangers
  18. Such pockets for clothes and socks will save a lot of space.
    Pockets for linen
  19. Shawls and pantyhose store on hangers - do not describe how convenient it is.
    Scarves on the hanger
  20. Here's what you need to do to not look for belts all over the cupboard!
    Belt hanger
  21. Sign the boxes with shoes, or better - a sticker photo of what's inside. The problem of finding the necessary pair will not pester you.
    Shoe boxes
  22. Place under the bed can be made functional, if you attach the wheels to the drawers and shove under the bed. Very useful for a small apartment.
    Drawers under the bed
  23. The wine cabinet can be adapted for something else. For example, you can make a stylish stand for clutch.
    Bag holder
  24. Strap for ironed trousers. ideally!
    Strap for trousers
  25. Jeans hooks - great solution
    Cleaning in the closet

Do you want to start cleaning as soon as possible? Already getting things out of the closet? Well, always want freshness and purity, so that everything was neat, in a new way. If you are inspired by these useful Cleaning tips in the closet, You can still be interested in these tricks to maintain order in the house. Let it all shine at home!

Cleaning, like meditation, acts soothingly and gives harmony in the world around us. Having told about this article, you will help your friends with useful advice about how, How to keep things in order. Make them happy!