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How to make new furniture from the old

It is not necessary to buy new furniture forTo make your house more modern and functional. Take the example from this inventive guy who was able to make from old, worn-out pieces of furniture, create wonderful things! Not often see so useful and Cute interior items...


How to change furniture from old to new


  1. When children grow out of their crib, it's time to start reading and writing. Make out of a baby crib Desk - a brilliant solution!
    Children's table and chairs
  2. A baby cot can be transformed into a special table For a variety of children's activities.
    Table for children
  3. Perfect example Design of the bathroom.
  4. Incredible adventures TV.


  5. It is unclear how and why this guy's home had trolleys from the store. But they turned out Excellent chairs!!
  6. Blimey! second Life Common wall. It turned out great!
    Kitchen wall
  7. Kitchen chairs can be so cute Garden benches.
    Garden bench
  8. A magnificent example Modern sofa. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, it's done just like that.
    Sofa from the bathroom
  9. Organizer For a lot of home things. Make it and the truth is very easy!
  10. wonderful Corner table Turned out.
    Corner table
  11. Old postal The box can be such an original decoration of the interior. Incredibly romantic!
    Desk from a mailbox
  12. Ideas for use Old grand pianos. If the tool can not be repaired, it is possible to arrange such a perfectly organized space.
    Grand piano in the interior

  13. Bicycle in the bathroom - very stylish and comfortable stand for different things. Decorative bike, think only!
    Bicycle in the bathroom
  14. This is how you can adapt Folding chairs.
    Folding chairs
  15. Puff from old magazines!! Certainly I will do this.
    Puff from old magazines

Organize your home space in the best way. Perhaps, these original ideas will help you. Creativity is everywhere and always!

Do not forget to show your friends how you can transform old furniture. They will like it!