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10 people who poison life

Can you believe that it's already December? This year flew incredibly fast, there was a lot of changes. Now we have to start a new year, a year full of new opportunities. How it will be depends From you and your decisions.

But also from Encirclement, In which you are. It often happens that it is the people surrounding you that create obstacles for your development and bring to life confusion and confusion. Everyone has negative manifestations, but in some individuals they are clearly pronounced, and this poisons life for those who are close to them.

So, with whom you need to limit your communication in the new year, so that life sparkles with bright colors. Read the list carefully, and suddenly you have surrounded by such people?

People who poison your life

  1. Lovers create a stressful situation
    There are people who know how to create tensionon the empty place. Make an elephant out of a mole, seasoning it with unflagging hysteria. Our life is already so stressful - why regularly communicate with a person who adds to these shocks?

    He infects you with his zazhatochnost, fear of life. Try to act positively on this person, if everything is hopeless - it is better to see as little as possible.

  2. Those who use you
    These shameless people should not appear in the new yearAt your home. Try to break off relations with those who are frankly using you - for a long time already, and you know about it, but to stop talking everything was not given a chance. Enough to do something to harm yourself, help a person only when you want and can, and not to please someone!
  3. People who do not respect you
    I treat with respect to others, so meI want to be respected as well. If this does not happen, the pleasure of communication disappears, because the lack of mutual respect makes people completely strangers and rude. A person who does not respect you is a bad company, from which it's time for you to get rid.
  4. Those who hurt you
    If a person hurts you, let him go. Usually these are people from whom we depend emotionally, which means a lot to us. Let this man go, let him do what he wants. Perhaps he will return to you when something is rethought, and your relationship will cease to be painful for you. And if not - do not worry, do not waste your life on a constant sense of pain.
  5. Liars and liars
    All people lie, it happens all the time. So as not to seem strange and funny, to appear better than they are. In principle, the lie has become so common that it is not even considered a vice. But keep in mind - the closest people you trust, you should not lie! If this happens - you are not on the path. Beware of insincere friends and intimate deceivers. They can ruin your life ...
  6. Hypocrites
    People who smile at the meeting, and behind them - say mucks. Why are they needed at all? This is such an unworthy behavior that you do not want to talk about him.
  7. Egoists
    They are dangerous in that they only create an illusion -The illusion of love, friendship, understanding. They make you feel safe, you think you can count on them in any situation. But, alas, this is not so. Such citizens like to accept help, but they themselves will never help. Say goodbye to them.
  8. Those who do not want to change
    You are constantly evolving, are not you? Because it is normal to progress, a person can not stand still. If someone stops and stubbornly does not want to grow, neither spiritually nor in his physical way of life - avoid this person.

    He will pull you back, for example, often friends incline the newly-made sportsmen to drink alcohol. So it should not happen - friends are created to support you and make you better!

  9. People from the past
    You can not communicate with this person for a couple of years,But it still has value for you. People from the past are a separate category. They must be deleted from the head. Old bindings do not lead to anything good, understand.
  10. People who simply occupy space
    Your personal time is rather limitedresource. To dispose of it correctly, filter where you spend it. There are people who take it away in an unacceptable way. Let such annoying characters be less!

Surrounding yourself with inferior people, you make life less full. Help others become Harmonious, Looking at you - be a positive example. If a person does not take a positive influence, he does not want to be in your society, so better make a break in communication.

Energy vampires - those types of people, which were discussed above. Cease to feed them, live for yourself.

Tell about this article to your relatives - there is something to think about.