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Foil Star

new Year decoration - so much space for imagination! You can invent anything and experiment with different forms and materials. But the traditional decor is also in high esteem, customary handicrafts are pleasing to the eye and forced to indulge in childhood memories.

Try to make this star out of the ordinary Foil - it perfectly complements any festive interior. And the materials are for sure at home.

Foil star

Foil star

You will need

  • 1 roll of foil
  • Wire length 30 cm
  • scissors
  • Chinese chopsticks
  • 1 medium-sized plastic cover
  • pliers


  1. Place the lid in the center of the foil sheet. The lid should not touch the edges.
  2. Foil star

  3. Gently stroke the contour of the lid with a stick.
  4. Foil star

  5. Fold the foil nine times.
  6. Foil star

  7. Cut the resulting bundle and set the roll aside.
  8. Foil star

  9. Put the lid on top of the bundle of foil and carefully draw again with a stick, leaving an imprint on all layers.
  10. Foil star

  11. Cut out the contour of the resulting circle - you will get 10 circles.
  12. Foil star

  13. Take one brilliant circle and fold it several times - at first in half, the resulting crescent - again in half. Will come out a piece of foil, in shape resembling a piece of pizza.
  14. Foil star

  15. Put the acute corner of the piece inward approximately 1 cm. The seventh and eighth points must be repeated with each circle.
  16. Foil star

  17. Unfold the circle and gently cut through the fold lines, as shown in the picture.
  18. Foil star

  19. With the help of a wand twist, the resulting triangular pieces. Fix the rays of the star with scotch tape.
  20. Foil star

  21. That's what you should get.
  22. Foil star

  23. Now you can thread a star on a wire. With the help of a bead you can fix the end of the wire.
  24. Foil star

  25. Alternately put on the wire all the resulting stars.
  26. Foil star

  27. Give the volumetric star a round shape by clicking on its center.
  28. Foil star

  29. Left to make a loop from the end of the wire. Ready!
  30. Foil star

Also you can see Detailed video, How to make this star.

You see, you did not think that you can so easily do so impressive in appearance decoration!! If you work carefully, the result is trueImpressive. This is a worthy option for the festive decoration of the house, and the office, and the children's institution. Schoolchildren will definitely receive high scores for creating such a masterpiece in the lesson of work!

Show all your friends how to make a three-dimensional star from foil. Christmas mood is already in the air!